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OVER time, hu­man be­ings have come to an un­der­stand­ing that God speaks to us all the time. To each of us he speaks in a dif­fer­ent man­ner. Like ev­ery­thing else, it takes time and ef­fort to be­gin to learn how he speaks to you.

I be­gan to de­velop how to lis­ten to him re­gard­ing my life. I found that the main method of con­ver­sa­tion with hu­mans is through His word, the Bi­ble. Some­times how­ever, he speaks through a still small voice as he did with the prophet Eli­jah in 1 Kings 19 verse 12. God also speaks to us through other peo­ple, like in Ex­o­dus 3 verse 14 when God talked to Moses on what he should tell the chil­dren of Is­rael. God also speaks to us to­day re­gard­ing our daily liv­ing be­cause He ac­tu­ally cares about the small­est de­tails con­cern­ing us. The un­for­tu­nate thing is that we put him in a box that we only open on days for church and we for­get him on all other days. One of His names is Je­ho­vah Adonai mean­ing Je­ho­vah the mas­ter. He is mas­ter of all things. Wealth is part of what God is a mas­ter of. In ac­tual fact all we have be­longs to him. We are more like care­tak­ers of his wealth. 1 Kings 20: 3-4 3 “Your sil­ver and gold are mine, and the best of your wives and chil­dren are mine.” The king of Is­rael an­swered, “Just as you say, my Lord the King. I and all I have are yours.”

One day He said an odd thing to me through my pas­tor dur­ing prayer. He said we have the abil­ity to call money to us. Be­ing a per­son that loves to re­search, I have al­ways known that money is spir­i­tual and had per­fected the art of ig­nor­ing it when it spoke and fo­cused on send­ing it places. But I did not know you could call money and it would come run­ning. But the pas­tor said this to me dur­ing prayer:

“Itai, you can call money. You can say to it, money come into my pock­ets now and it will come.”

As plain as it sounds when you read it, it felt this plain when he said it. He ac­tu­ally said this and it sounded as in­sane as it sounds now when you read it. At this point a lot of ques­tions rushed through my mind. Most of them made me won­der if the pas­tor was be­gin­ning to lose it a lit­tle. But then again, I thought to my­self, there is no harm in ask­ing God to clar­ify. The Holy Spirit was sent by Je­sus to help us, thus we must take ad­van­tage of such a su­pe­rior helper.

26 “But the Coun­sel­lor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Fa­ther will send in my name, will teach you all things and will re­mind you of ev­ery­thing I have said to you.”

So the Holy Spirit is able to teach us all things. Ev­ery­thing you can think of, and ev­ery­thing your mind can­not com­pre­hend, the Holy Spirit is able to teach. He is all know­ing. He knows ev­ery­thing. Then the Holy Spirit schooled me on how it is done. You don’t just wake up and start shout­ing, money come to me. It will not come to you. Like in ev­ery­thing, there is an art to it. There are laws to be fol­lowed when call­ing money to come to you.

First you must be of su­pe­rior spir­i­tual rank to money to be able to call it and it comes. If we agree that money is not just a pa­per, it is a pa­per gov­erned by spir­i­tual laws, then there is a rank to it. In the spirit there are ranks, not every­one is equal to every­one. This brings us back to re­ceiv­ing Je­sus as your Lord and Saviour. Je­sus is the only one who can give us a spir­i­tual rank that is higher than all spir­its of this world. With­out Him, this will not work. If you find that it does work with­out re­ceiv­ing Christ, I as­sure you, a demon is at work. If a demon is at work, you know the agenda is to kill, steal and de­stroy re­gard­less of how it ap­pears. Thus it may be work­ing now, but your end is de­struc­tion.

So first we must be of a higher spir­i­tual rank than money by ac­cept­ing Christ as our Lord. Af­ter that we re­ceive the Holy Spirit who will help us in all things. We can­not re­ceive the gift of the Holy Spirit with­out first ac­cept­ing Je­sus Christ and Saviour of our life. When in the army you run when the com­man­der in chief calls for you. You run re­ally quickly. It is the same with money when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. The Bi­ble says our bod­ies are his tem­ple. He re­sides in us.

You have a much higher spir­i­tual rank than money or any other spirit when the Holy Spirit is within you. Thus you are in a po­si­tion to give or­ders. So you at­tain this su­pe­ri­or­ity by ac­knowl­edg­ing that the Holy Spirit re­sides in you and that your body is a tem­ple of God. Thus you be­have like a per­son who has God in them. Avoid sin. Then you are su­pe­rior. In fact you be­come very big spir­i­tu­ally.

Sec­ondly, to be able to call money, you set a trap for money, yes, a trap. Or a way for it to come, a ve­hi­cle of some sort. The trap is set by in­vest­ing. There are peo­ple that are a false no­tion that God does not want us to work. This is a lie from the pit of hell to en­cour­age lazi­ness. God wants us to work, ac­tu­ally God hates lazi­ness and warns us that it brings poverty. Proverbs 6 verse 10-11 “. . . lit­tle sleep, a lit­tle slum­ber, a lit­tle fold­ing of the hands to rest — and poverty will come on you like a ban­dit and scarcity like an armed man.”

So you in­vest, and with the power given to you by Christ that re­sides in you, you call money. You work hard on find­ing what you can in­vest in, then work harder on your in­vest­ment to make it prof­itable. Peo­ple will spend money on your in­vest­ment, then it’s done, money will rush into your pocket.

So if you plan to have a hun­dred dol­lars sim­ply find some­thing that gives you a profit of a dol­lar and sell a hun­dred units of it. Even bet­ter, if you find a sin­gle thing with a profit of a hun­dred dol­lars and sell one unit. Then you have a hun­dred more dol­lars to send to get more dol­lars for you. This process be­comes eas­ier with time be­cause you learn how to use it. It does not stand on its own as the sole method of be­ing wealthy, it works to­gether with tithing and giv­ing.

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