My hubby rapes me ev­ery night!

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I DON’T know who to tell this, I have been hav­ing sex with my sis­ter’s boyfriend and now I am preg­nant. Re­ply I think that you are a very naive girl, and I also con­sider your sis­ter’s boyfriend to be a very wicked and con­niv­ing man. Your sis­ter trusted you and you be­trayed her. This man care­fully worked on you. He knew that to have un­pro­tected sex with you may cause preg­nancy and that is ex­actly what hap­pened, but he didn’t care. I sug­gest that you tell your sis­ter the truth. Your par­ents and other rel­a­tives are go­ing to be very dis­ap­pointed in you. Your sis­ter may hate you for life, and she may be­lieve that it is you who threw your­self at her man. I wish you well. I hope that I will hear from you again. Hi Sis Noe I have two girl­friends but I only get an erec­tion for one of them. I don’t know what the prob­lem is but I used to be ok. What’s wrong with me? Re­ply It is ev­i­dent that you do not re­ally love and care for the other woman but you like to have her around. The one you at­tain an erec­tion for means more to you and she has more vibes than the other woman. Some peo­ple do not re­alise that much of this thing that is called sex is in the mind and if the mind is not func­tion­ing right, sex can­not be en­joyed. Your mind is not with the other woman. Leave her alone. Let her find an­other man. Hi Sis Noe When­ever I am in the mood for sex my man doesn’t even look at me, I have to wait on him un­til he wants sex. What should I do? Re­ply You should know if your man is ig­nor­ing you or if he is gen­uinely tired. You should not be pas­sive. You should take the ini­tia­tive and do things that would turn him on. It is un­fair for a man to ig­nore his woman when she wants to make love but when­ever he is in­ter­ested she must al­ways be ready. Hi Sis Noe I am 22 years old and my boyfriend is 30. I love him very much. He makes me happy but we don’t re­ally see each other of­ten be­cause of some cir­cum­stances. He says he is not cheat­ing and I be­lieve him at times, but some­times Send your sms to 0773111328 or 0772115830 or write to Sis Noe, Sun­day News, Box 585, Bu­l­awayo. You can also fol­low Sis Noe on http://sis­noe. Please note that Sis Noe is not a med­i­cal doc­tor but an el­derly woman who has al­most seen it all. She is a mother, grand­mother, great-grand­mother and aunt to many peo­ple. Those that re­quire med­i­cal at­ten­tion please visit the near­est clinic or hos­pi­tal. Sis Noe is flat­tered by your con­fi­dence in her. Bom­bard her with so­cial is­sues/prob­lems — she will be of much help to you.

he gives me rea­sons to doubt him. I am a very in­se­cure and jeal­ous girl­friend. He re­cently got a job and I am very happy for him but in­side I am not be­cause I feel he is go­ing to meet some other girl out there. Re­ply If you can­not trust this man the re­la­tion­ship will not work. You have to learn to grow up. Trust, re­spect and com­mu­ni­ca­tion are in­gre­di­ents for a happy re­la­tion­ship. If a cou­ple does not trust each other or re­spect each other and they don’t com­mu­ni­cate the re­la­tion­ship is bound to fail. You say this man has given you rea­sons not to trust him but you didn’t say what these rea­sons are. It seems to me that you are im­ma­ture. You can­not do what so many women try to do and that is to watch their men. And some fool­ish men try to watch their women, but if a per­son wants to cheat you could even hire a pri­vate de­tec­tive, it won’t help you. Some women cheat in the kitchen, in the bath­room and in the of­fice to name a few places. If this man loves you, you need not worry. You are afraid that he might see an­other girl now that he has got a new job. Don’t be silly. Girls would al­ways be around. He will see them and they will see him. Men will al­ways be around. You will see them and they will see you, but that does not mean that a re­la­tion­ship will de­velop be­tween this man and the girls or be­tween you and the other guys, so stop be­hav­ing like a spoilt child who wants her mother for her­self. Hi Sis Noe My hus­band loves his mother too much and is al­ways there for her even for small things. I am not jeal­ous or what but at times I feel it is too much. Re­ply I think when a man is mar­ried he should love his wife but that does not mean that he be­longs to his wife to­tally be­cause had it not been for his mother, his wife would not have him. I like the way your hus­band treats his mother. Any­thing he wants to do for his mother or any­thing he wants to give her you should not get in the way. You should love and re­spect him for tak­ing care of his mother. You are an un­wise wife. You have the wrong at­ti­tude and if you con­tinue to frown on ev­ery­thing he does for his mother, he will stop lov­ing you. Hi Sis Noe I don’t want to have sex with my hus­band but he rapes me al­most ev­ery night. But he does not see any­thing wrong with what he does to me. Re­ply I re­gret hear­ing that you are suf­fer­ing psy­cho­log­i­cally, phys­i­cally and emo­tion­ally. The man with whom you are liv­ing is very abu­sive. If in­deed he has sex with you with­out your con­sent, then that is sex­ual abuse — RAPE. He claims that he is not do­ing any­thing wrong, but he needs to un­der­stand that he should not do any­thing that you do not love or con­sent to. If the mar­riage has bro­ken down then what you need to do is to leave him as soon as pos­si­ble. Report him to the po­lice if he is threat­en­ing to harm you if you leave him. Hi Sis Noe My wife does not trust me. Her sis­ter is hav­ing fi­nan­cial is­sues and is ask­ing to stay with us un­til she re­cov­ers but my wife does not want be­cause she thinks I will sleep with her sis­ter be­cause she is very friendly to me. I don’t know maybe it’s be­cause I took her from an­other guy and she thinks I am still that kind of man. Re­ply Your wife knows that you are a charmer. When you met her she had a boyfriend and you snatched her away from him and con­vinced her to cheat on her boyfriend. She feels that if you were able to cause her to cheat you would do the same to her sis­ter, so she does not trust you, pe­riod. And that is very un­for­tu­nate be­cause her sis­ter is be­ing de­nied a place to stay. Your wife be­lieves what you have in your pants is go­ing to put you in trou­ble and her sis­ter is al­ready flirty. It is not only you that she does not trust. It is also her sis­ter. Se­ri­ously speak­ing, I think your wife is be­ing ridicu­lous. You would be crazy to have a sex­ual re­la­tion­ship with her. That just doesn’t make sense. I could be wrong but I do be­lieve that there is more to it than what she is say­ing.

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