The Call into Min­istry

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BORN in Buhera on 2 Au­gust 1968, in the vil­lage of Chiputu in Nerutenga, Apos­tle L Bwanya comes from a fam­ily of six, and is the fourth daugh­ter of the late Mr and Mrs Mandi­paka.

She at­tended Nerutenga Pri­mary School, but later moved to Harare af­ter the pass­ing on of her mother and went on to at­tend Mbare High School in Harare till she com­pleted her Or­di­nary Lev­els.

God called her into Min­istry in 1988 and the ab­sence of fe­male preach­ers at the time cou­pled with the ab­sence of men­tor­ship made her ig­nore the whole thing al­to­gether. She avoided and did not ac­cept or em­brace the call but in­stead got mar­ried to the late Phillip Bwanya and had four chil­dren, Mil­li­cent, Vincent, Phillip Jr and Mar­shall. Fif­teen years later in 2003 the call into Min­istry came back again and this time around it was in­tense and she could not con­tain or con­trol it with­out re­spond­ing.

One night while sleep­ing she had a dream pray­ing for peo­ple, and in the dream many peo­ple were be­ing healed and de­liv­ered. Ini­tially she did not un­der­stand what it all meant, till one day the mean­ing of the dream man­i­fested into re­al­ity. Dur­ing a time when she was a Cell Group Leader at Llewe­lyn Bar­racks now known as Im­bizo Bar­racks, where she resided, there was a man­i­fes­ta­tion of the call. Many peo­ple started com­ing to her house for prayers as it was the venue for the Cell Group meet­ings. It is here that she min­is­tered heal­ing and de­liv­er­ance long be­fore she started go­ing to the The­o­log­i­cal Sem­i­nary. This is when Apos­tle L Bwanya be­gan to un­der­stand the call she re­ceived in 1988 by what was hap­pen­ing in her Cell Group.

At­tempts to get men­tor­ship were all but in vain as she could not get any­one who could guide and men­tor her. De­ter­mined to try and un­der­stand the in­creas­ing num­ber of gath­er­ings dur­ing Cell Group meet­ings at her house and to un­der­stand her call she be­gan study­ing the Bi­ble; read­ing the book of Ex­o­dus and more was re­vealed to her and this en­abled her to have a bet­ter un­der­stand­ing of the call­ing.

She read Ex­o­dus 4 where Moses asked God, “How do I know you have called me and when I go there who shall I say sent me?” With this she prayed to God ask­ing, “I want to see you,” and God re­sponded “I am a God who can­not be seen, who­ever sees me shall surely die. As Ex­o­dus 4 con­tin­ues God asked Moses what he had in his hand. With the staff in his hand God re­vealed him­self and the staff changed into a snake, a won­der known to many.

“As the con­ver­sa­tion with God con­tin­ued I was hold­ing a Bi­ble in my hand and the Bi­ble sud­denly be­came an elec­tric gadget, I was slayed down to the ground and I threw the Bi­ble down. I called the maid and my friend the late Mrs Mad­huku, they both came and tried to touch the Bi­ble and no one could with­stand the power that God was man­i­fest­ing through the Bi­ble. Just like He had demon­strated his power through the staff in Ex­o­dus 4 God did the same with my Bi­ble. It is only around 4pm that the Bi­ble be­came nor­mal again . . .”

She later had a dream though she con­fesses that to this day she is not sure if it was a dream or a vi­sion, she had an en­counter with Je­sus dressed in a white gown with a red belt around His waist, and as He was de­scend­ing from the sky and on his left arm He had all her clothes. It seemed like all her clothes had been re­moved out of her wardrobe and were all on His arm and the Man in white spoke out and said “You must go there, and the next thing she was stand­ing along a fence, in her spirit she could feel that she was talk­ing to Je­sus and the next thing He handed her the clothes that were on his arm. She then started walking along the fence, she walked along the fence for a while trou­bled and won­der­ing what was hap­pen­ing till she got to a gate and there was a sign writ­ten “Liv­ing Wa­ters”. Like many she had heard of Liv­ing Wa­ters The­o­log­i­cal Col­lege but had never been there phys­i­cally. But upon see­ing the sign at the gate she re­alised that it was the Bi­ble School she had of­ten heard about.

Though the mean­ing of the dream or vi­sion was clear she didn’t take ac­tion im­me­di­ately but car­ried on with her life of look­ing af­ter and raising her chil­dren. How­ever, life be­came very chal­leng­ing and she re­alised that the hard­ships she was fac­ing were be­cause of be­ing stub­born and be­ing dis­obe­di­ent to God re­gard­ing the call, as the call into min­istry had started way back when she was still a young girl. When she men­tioned her call through the dreams that she had been hav­ing as a young girl, many peo­ple ridiculed her about the call by ask­ing her if she knew any woman who was a Pas­tor.

Af­ter the many chal­lenges she en­coun­tered be­cause of not tak­ing heed to the call she even­tu­ally mas­tered the courage and left Bu­l­awayo to go to Bi­ble School at the Liv­ing Wa­ters The­o­log­i­cal Sem­i­nary in Harare.

Dur­ing her first year while she was in the chapel pray­ing she sud­denly found her­self sur­rounded by a cloud which she de­scribes looked like mist and within the cloud she heard a voice that said that she was not go­ing to strug­gle with her school fees from that day mov­ing for­ward.

Some time af­ter this vis­i­ta­tion she got a call that there was a lady who had come look­ing for her at her home and wanted to see her. So she re­turned to Bu­l­awayo but at first was not able to see her but was told that there was a lady from Water­ford who had brought two suit­cases full of clothes all of which amaz­ingly were a per­fect fit and were all the right size and also there was a brown en­ve­lope with money that was enough to pay fees for the whole term. The lady from Water­ford had ap­par­ently pledged to pay Apos­tle Bwanya’s fees till she com­pleted her stud­ies. In her own words the lady said that an an­gel ap­peared to her in a dream and she was given a name (Bwanya) and was di­rected by an an­gel in the dream to look for Bwanya and ful­fil the in­struc­tion she had been given by the an­gel and that was to pay her fees till she com­pleted Bi­ble School. The lady looked for Apos­tle Bwanya, found her and ful­filled the in­struc­tion to pay for her fees till she fin­ished her stud­ies. This was a strange and an un­usual mir­a­cle as many peo­ple of­ten strug­gled with pay­ing their fees, an is­sue she never en­coun­tered. God did not stop there but sent more peo­ple over and above the lady from Water­ford who were sent to con­firm the word of God she heard in the cloud of mist that she shall never strug­gle with school fees from that very day.


1 Board game (5)

6 Fruit (5)

9 Model (7) 10 Well-dressed (5) 11 Utopian (5)

12 Ex­ists (5) 13 Defama­tion (7) 15 Ocean (3)

17 Nui­sance (4) 18 Ten­sion (6)

19 For­eign Agents (5) 20 Large boxes (6) 22 Re­fined (4)

24 Vast pe­riod of time (3)

25 Ship (7)

26 Repasts (5) 27 Heav­enly body (5) 28 Walk cock­ily (5) 29 Learned per­son (7) 30 Col­lide vi­o­lently (5) 31 Ex­pir­ing (5)


2 Meek (6)

3 Fast run (6)

4 Perched (3)

5 Step (5)

6 Cler­gy­men (7) 7 Fin­ishes (4)

8 Ir­ri­tates through

fric­tion (6)

12 Jumps (5)

13 Pi­quant sea­son­ing (5) 14 Trem­bling poplar (5) 15 Medic­i­nal fluid (5) 16 Flower (5)

18 Chairs (5)

19 Elon­gate (7)

21 Good rep­u­ta­tion (6) 22 Pie (6)

23 Come back (6) 25 Sail­ing ves­sel (5) 26 Dis­or­der (4) 28 Un­happy (3)

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