Hon­our your fa­ther and your mother

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Ex­o­dus 20:12

Hon­our your fa­ther and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giv­ing you.

THE church is very fixed on hon­our­ing pas­tors, preach­ers and ser­vants of God yet we some­times ne­glect the very peo­ple that brought us into the world. Our par­ents were given cus­tody of us by God. We did not choose them, nei­ther did they choose us but the choice was made by God. He se­lected that par­tic­u­lar home be­cause he knew what was re­quired for you in your life to reach your full po­ten­tial.

The com­mand­ment is so im­por­tant to God that it is the first com­mand­ment with a promise. The rest are con­se­quences. There are two prom­ises in that com­mand­ment. The first promise is that you will live long, the sec­ond is that you will be in the land that your God is giv­ing you. Long life is some­thing that only God can con­trol. You can agree that we are in an age where tech­nol­ogy is ad­vanc­ing faster than any other time. But with all this knowl­edge and tech­nol­ogy we have never been able to raise the dead and we have never been able to stop some­one from dy­ing. In this promise the Lord as­sures us long life. The con­di­tion to this is sim­ple. Hon­our you fa­ther and mother.

It does not say hon­our you Chris­tian fa­ther and mother. This com­mand­ment stands re­gard­less of who your fa­ther is. Even if he is a thief, a non-be­liever or any other thing you may feel makes him less of a fa­ther, he still has the power to un­lock long life for you. The word of God is in mo­tion and at work al­ready. God does not have to do any­thing. So as soon as a con­di­tion is ful­filled, the promise of God be­gins to take ef­fect. If He says hon­our them and I will give you long life, the mo­ment you hon­our, long life takes ef­fect au­to­mat­i­cally. When God speaks things, they be­come law. All cre­ation obeys, even life it­self. So hon­our your fa­ther and mother re­gard­less of who they are.

The promise goes on to say you will not only live long, but you will live in the land which God Him­self is giv­ing you. One may won­der what kind of land is this, one may won­der if God is re­ally giv­ing us this land. In­deed He is. Take a look at scrip­ture.

Ex­o­dus 3:8

So I have come down to res­cue them from the hand of the Egyp­tians and to bring them up out of that land into a good and spa­cious land, a land flow­ing with milk and honey— the home of the Canaan­ites, Hit­tites, Amorites, Per­izzites, Hivites and Je­busites. — NIV

He says the land has two as­pects in it, the land is spa­cious and the land is flow­ing with milk and honey. For us land means two things. It means phys­i­cal land or a sphere of in­flu­ence. So God is say­ing if you hon­our you par­ents, He will give you long life. The long life will be in a land that he has kept for you. So you find that you tend to last very long in your trade. If you are a busi­nessper­son, you will tend to last very long in a par­tic­u­lar in­dus­try. While oth­ers come and go, you will re­main in this land be­cause God has given it to you. If God has given you the abil­ity to teach, that is a land that God has given you. He means He will make you wealthy from teach­ing and He will cause you to be un­mov­able in teach­ing. You will be a master in the craft. You will have the abil­ity to teach any­thing you put your mind and ef­fort to. When He says the land is spa­cious, He means that you will have enor­mous reach in your craft. Ev­ery­one will know about you and your craft, not only will they know, they will have ref­er­ences of who used to hold that seat of power but be­cause you have hon­oured your par­ents, God will re­move them and place you. The only con­di­tion, hon­our your par­ents.

Ex­o­dus 3 verse 8 also men­tions whom the land be­longed to be­fore you ar­rived in it, it says the land be­longed to non-be­liev­ers. So all the seats of power that are held by non-be­liev­ers and are in your field can eas­ily be at­tained and sur­passed by you if you just hon­our you par­ents.

When God says He is giv­ing you land He also means He is bless­ing you. The Bi­ble says of his bless­ing that it makes one rich and He adds no sor­row to it. You can be­come wealth­ier sim­ply by hon­our­ing your par­ents. Even if your par­ents ne­glected you, or your fa­ther abused you, it is im­por­tant to hon­our him for your own good. Hon­our is a thing of the heart. A lot of peo­ple con­fuse it with re­spect. Re­spect is ad­mi­ra­tion of a per­son as a re­sult of their abil­i­ties, yet hon­our is to re­gard it as a great op­por­tu­nity to be fa­thered by them and arous­ing a feel­ing of pride and plea­sure. You must be proud to be born by your par­ents, be proud of who you are be­cause of them.

Never par­tic­i­pate in neg­a­tive con­ver­sa­tions about your par­ents, even if it is a pas­tor or a well-re­spected per­son. In fact, chal­lenge any­one that speaks ill of you par­ents, it is not right for you to par­tic­i­pate in speak­ing ill of them. Hon­our them highly, speak proudly of them and by all means do all you can to sup­port them in all ways, fi­nan­cially, phys­i­cally and how­ever else they need you.

Be blessed.

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