Three keys to walk in restora­tion

The Herald (Zimbabwe) - - Comment & Opinion - Bishop B. Man­joro Du­namis

GOD de­sires the best for your life. No mat­ter what hap­pens or stands in your way O hal­lelu­jah!

He de­sires the best in your busi­ness, aca­demics, fam­ily, health and all key ar­eas of your life.

He wants you to be num­ber one.

But Bishop, why then am I not suc­cess­ful or num­ber one in life? Why am I the tail and al­ways un­der in life rather than be­ing the head and above? Why? Why am I not ex­pe­ri­enc­ing restora­tion yet?

This ar­ti­cle was writ­ten with you in mind. Get ready as I share with you two block­ages to restora­tion.

“. . . and when the dis­ci­ples saw him walk­ing on the sea, they were trou­bled, say­ing, It is a spirit; and they cried out for fear. But straight-away Je­sus spoke unto them, say­ing, Be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid. And Peter an­swered him and said, Lord if it be thou, bid me come unto thee on the wa­ter.” Matthew 14:26-32.

From our text above, we see Je­sus su­per­nat­u­rally feed­ing the mul­ti­tude, get­ting into prayer and then fol­low­ing his dis­ci­ples who were caught in a storm. He did not use a boat to fol­low them, No, Je­sus walked on wa­ter! O hal­lelu­jah!

What sur­prises me is this; af­ter be­ing told by the Lord that I fear not, Peter says, “Lord, if it be thou, bid me come unto thee on the wa­ter. And he said, Come.” To come where in the midst of that storm, and why not ask Je­sus to calm the storm? Lis­ten to me friends; to walk in restora­tion you need to step out and to be able to make a de­ci­sion. You can’t trust in God if you haven’t de­cided on any­thing in life. Let me ask you a ques­tion right now; what do you want? What are you af­ter in life? De­cide on some­thing to­day and go for it.

This is the first key, make up your mind and go for what is yours. God hon­ours your de­ci­sion and step of faith.

If you need heal­ing, get it in Je­sus name and don’t think that you are healed, know that you are healed. O hal­lelu­jah.

If your tar­get is a three speeder bi­cy­cle get it, if it is a tri­cy­cle get it, if it is a two ex­haust mo­tor bike get it again.

On the other hand if it is an S500 Mercedes Benz, get it as well. Of course when there is a traf­fic jam a mo­tor bike will over­take us all, but then when it be­gins to rain, you will be in a bit of trou­ble.

The point is, be able to make a solid de­ci­sion in life. If you need a mir­a­cle go for a tan­gi­ble mir­a­cle.

For ex­am­ple if you need a car, this year go for it. But at the same time don’t go for an old trou­ble­some car, which will give you many prob­lems.

Peter chose to walk on wa­ter. And when Je­sus said to him, “Come,” he trusted it and had faith on that one word, from the Lord — “come!” Sud­denly the once fear­ful Peter, so afraid of the storm, was now walk­ing on the very storm he was afraid of.

He did not ask Je­sus to calm the storm but asked to walk on that very thing that had trou­bled and tor­mented him.

In­ter­est­ingly also; he didn’t say Bid us come, No. he said, “Bid ME come.” Zv­inhu zvekwa Mwari izv i azvisi zve pahushamwari, (the things of God are not ac­cord­ing to what your friend does or says.)

There are times in life that you have to step out alone; not with a group or a crowd and take a per­sonal stand and com­mit­tal on God’s word. This is a key many peo­ple miss in life.

An­other thing I have also ob­served in life which blocks and causes many not to progress and make it in life is think­ing that a good life is meant for oth­ers and not for self! Friend lis­ten to me, God gave all peo­ple life.

Not a good life for some and a bad life for some. No. God cre­ated us the same. It’s a choice to suc­ceed. Ever no­ticed that in all na­tions and in all tribes or places ev­ery­where there lacks no suc­cess­ful busi­nessper­son?

You won­der “Aa, this one from such and such a place, a busi­nessper­son?” Yes. It’s not that they were born dif­fer­ent but they made a dif­fer­ent choice.

They said; “Yes my fam­ily and back­ground is poor but I will become a busi­ness per­son one day!” And they be­came.

O glory, if you make a choice in life, learn to per­son­ally trust in God and be­lieve God has the best for your life, you will be some­body. Other 11 dis­ci­ples never made a choice to walk on wa­ter ex­cept Peter. Faith is trust­ing, an in­vis­i­ble God to solve your vis­i­ble sit­u­a­tion. For with God all things are pos­si­ble Mark 10:27

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