Can re­li­gion trans­form so­ci­ety?

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IF ONE is asked to write a cri­tique of this present age it will not be sur­pris­ing to find one stum­bling upon terms vy­ing for at­ten­tion.

Terms like ‘the in­for­ma­tion age, the elec­tronic age, the com­puter age, the cy­ber­net age’ will come to mind.

There is, how­ever, one thing that has al­ways been there, but has en­joyed phe­nom­e­nal growth in the present era, es­pe­cially in Africa. Re­li­gion is the one thing that has grown in leaps and bounds in this trou­bled post­mod­ern era.

Re­li­gious lead­ers now com­mand colos­sal sup­port from all walks of life. The Chris­tian fel­low­ship in Zim­babwe has gained more pop­u­lar­ity than one will have imag­ined at in­de­pen­dence.

Chapels are no longer large enough to ac­com­mo­date crowds that flock to wor­ship cen­tres. Open space gath­er­ings are now pop­u­lar for con­gre­ga­tions that can­not af­ford to hire sta­di­ums.

How­ever, against this un­prece­dented pop­u­lar­ity for the re­li­gion of all ages is the ever in­creas­ing vice of moral deca­dence. Adul­tery and for­ni­ca­tion have be­come like sport de­spite the in­crease in re­li­gious in­volve­ment.

Cor­rup­tion has in­creased astro­nom­i­cally. One can never cross a hur­dle with­out pay­ing a bribe.

One won­ders if go­ing to church has be­come a pas­time. Church gath­er­ings seem to of­fer al­ter­na­tive en­ter­tain­ment to those who do not feel com­fort­able in the also pop­u­lar night depths, that is night clubs and tav­erns.

The Good Lord also com­manded a huge fol­low­ing through­out his Galilean min­istry, but to­wards the end of the same min­istry he up­braided the Galilean Cities, Cho­razin, Beth­saida and Caper­naum for hav­ing failed to re­pent.

Can the above be the same sce­nario this present era? Re­li­gious lead­ers face the higher or­der chal­lenge of trans­form­ing peo­ple’s mind­sets through an un­equiv­o­cal in­ter­pre­ta­tion of the gospel.

Peo­ple should be en­cour­aged to read the Bible on their own. Re­li­gion is like pol­i­tics whereby peo­ple in their in­no­cence fol­low what they do not know. Nhamo Much­agu­misa,


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