A day at ‘Go Back to Sen­der’ prophet’s shrine

HE sits com­fort­ably on a couch putting on a clean white T-shirt and a white cloth cov­er­ing his lower part of the body. He holds a “holy” stick and waits for the next client.

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BE­SIDES him are a few neatly packed brown clay pots. It looks like it is go­ing to be a busy day in Mutare’s Dangamvura sub­urb for the pop­u­lar vis­it­ing Harare-based faith healer, Madz­ibaba Strive Masango of Ku­bata Kw­e­vap­os­tori Faith Church as scores of peo­ple seek­ing spir­i­tual as­sis­tance are lined up out­side.

Each client has paid $30 for a date with the youth­ful prophet and the queue is get­ting longer as the day pro­gresses.

A client en­ters the room, a tem­po­rary shrine sit­u­ated in P- Sec­tion in the sprawl­ing sub­urb of Dangamvura, where Madz­ibaba Masango is con­duct­ing the one-on-one heal­ing and prophetic ses­sion.

He or­ders the client to re­move shoes and sit on clean rugs. In­ter­est­ingly, be­fore he ex­plains his trou­bles, Madz­ibaba tells him the ex­act prob­lems he and his fam­ily are en­coun­ter­ing.

“Your chil­dren need de­liv­er­ance. Some­times the spir­i­tual at­tacks af­fect their rea­son­ing and of­ten cause se­ri­ous headaches thereby af­fect­ing their school work.

They are in­tel­li­gent at school but the spir­i­tual at­tacks caused by some rel­a­tives are draw­ing them back. A dark cloud is ty­ing to en­gulf your fam­ily be­cause of spir­i­tual at­tacks.

This is how­ever, go­ing to be the thing of the past,” de­clares Madz­ibaba Masango.

He gives the client two small brown stones. He or­ders him to put the stones in her bathing wa­ter to­gether with soil taken from the yard (at her house). He will do that for three con­sec­u­tive days.

While bathing, she should say out her wishes and prayers in­clud­ing the de­liv­er­ance of the chil­dren who usu­ally suf­fer from se­vere headaches, some­thing which has af­fected their ed­u­ca­tion.

If it works well the client (name with­held) is ex­pected to come with a tes­ti­mony.

The process takes close to five min­utes and Madz­ibaba as­sures the client that all is go­ing to be well be­fore the next client comes in.

Soon after the ses­sion, the client con­firms to The Man­ica Post that all what Madz­ibaba said was true.

“It’s true. All what he said was true. I came here be­cause my two chil­dren some­times get sick. Vanonzwa mu­soro zvekuti van­otomb­o­tadza kuenda kuchikoro. They shiver and sweat.

We vis­ited sev­eral doc­tors to no avail. I have faith that God, through Madz­ibaba, will heal my chil­dren,” he said.

The soft-spo­ken prophet is known for his “Go back to sen­der” heal­ing mes­sage whereby he casts demons out from sick peo­ple and send them back to haunt their own­ers.

Un­like other prophets who come from out­side the province, he was never met with re­sis­tance. How­ever, a mil­lion dol­lar ques­tion, many are ask­ing is, how gen­uine is he?

Asked about his source of power, Madz­ibaba said: “I am God’s in­stru­ment. He uses me to heal his peo­ple and solve their prob­lems which most of them are spir­i­tual.

There is nothing un­usual. One needs to have faith. We have un­fin­ished busi­ness here, peo­ple of Mutare should be healed and lib­er­ated.”

The prophet (31) con­ducts heal­ing and prophetic ses­sions in Ru­gare, a high den­sity sub­urb in Harare which is lo­cated near Kam­buzuma.

He moves around with five helpers, loosely trans­lated as Vasvon­dosi.

He some­times trav­els across the coun­try to con­duct pri­vate ses­sions to well known per­son­al­i­ties he could not di­vulge for pro­fes­sional rea­sons.

He is set to re­turn to Mutare for the “Go Back to Sen­der Part 3” cru­sade next week, which will be held at Dangamvura Bei­thall grounds.

Madz­ibaba Masango casts out demons on one woman in Dangamvura (Pic­tures by Lib­erty Dube)

Madz­ibaba Masango

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