A leop­ard will never change its spots

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BLAB­BER un­der­stands the bore­dom cre­ated by monotony and this is ex­actly the rea­son why Yours Truly had some­how cho­sen to be silent about this pop­u­lar meat re­tailer whose love for mar­ried women is so dis­gust­ing, to be po­lite.

I mean this other meat re­tailer who is well known for not pay­ing his em­ploy­ees and oc­ca­sion­ally giv­ing them rot­ten meat as part of their wages.

We all know of a good num­ber of mar­riages that crum­bled be­cause our dear wily old fox man­aged to lure mar­ried women and even­tu­ally their hus­bands dis­cover the il­licit af­fairs with him.

The end re­sult be­ing the women be­ing booted out of their mat­ri­mo­nial homes.

One does not need the help of a rocket sci­en­tist to see that he is not charm­ing at all thus Blab­ber fails to un­der­stand whether he uses juju to blind­fold mar­ried women or it is part of his san­goma’s money spin­ning pre­scrip­tion to date mar­ried women.

It cer­tainly can­not be about money be­cause some of the mar­ried women he has been caught hav­ing af­fairs with are well up.

Prob­a­bly the very thought of dat­ing a mar­ried woman or an at­tached woman leaves him with a great sense of sat­is­fac­tion in his empty skull.

He is just one of a kind! Word reach­ing Yours Truly is that a well re­spected man, who had been away on a tour of duty for some time, re­cently in­ter­cepted love mes­sages be­tween the sex­ual per­vert and his wife.

What hurts Blab­ber the most in this case is that the pot­bel­lied meat re­tailer had be­friended the fam­ily as a busi­ness client and even when hubby was away our brother of in­sa­tiable sex ap­petite con­tin­ued trans­act­ing with the wife.

He then later changed the sub­ject from nor­mal busi­ness trans­ac­tions and started do­ing what he knows best.

This is yet an­other di­vorce caused by this so­cial mis­fit.

It ap­pears some folks will never change their ways even if the sun rises from the west.

I told you Gen­tle Reader from Day One, the pur­pose of this widely read col­umn is nothing more than pre­serv­ing the lit­tle that re­mains of our moral fabric, there­fore Yours Truly will never be silent when th­ese things hap­pen, more so when such mo­rons still com­mand the re­spect of fel­low cit­i­zens. ◆ Blab­ber is watch­ing!

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