Mer­maid spirit tor­ment­ing me

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FROM My Heart is a plat­form cre­ated for you to share your is­sues and get prac­ti­cal as­sis­tance. To­gether we can cre­ate brighter lives and hap­pier peo­ple, trans­form­ing mind­sets one day at a time. Send your heart to heart mes­sage to Tete Bar­bara and read her re­sponses.

Mer­maid spirit tor­ment­ing me

Dear Tete

I am a 21-year-old lady with a se­ri­ous spir­i­tual prob­lem. Every night I dream of a mer­maid tak­ing me un­der the sea and giv­ing me jew­ellery. When I wake up in the morn­ing some­times my bed will be wet. At first I thought I was uri­nat­ing, only to re­alise that I was the one who was ac­tu­ally wear­ing wet clothes. I am afraid to tell my rel­a­tives be­cause they may think that I am a Satanist. Some­times I wake with sand in my hands. Please help me.

Tete Re­sponds:

This sounds like a piece out of an epic movie, but strange as it may seem, th­ese things have been re­ported to ex­ist in this uni­verse. Spir­i­tual is­sues de­mand spir­i­tual war­fare. You need to let your fam­ily know about what is hap­pen­ing to you. You can­not go through this ex­pe­ri­ence on your own. You need an ex­pla­na­tion for what­ever you are cur­rently go­ing through, but be smart in se­lect­ing who will help you.

All the Best!

My son stole my hus­band’s money

I am a mar­ried woman with a child from a pre­vi­ous mar­riage. My hus­band loves my son as if he is his own son, but my son is un­grate­ful. Two months ago, my son sneaked into our bed­room and stole a huge amount of money from my bag. This money be­longs to my hus­band and his younger brother. Tete, I have no peace in my home. My son has since gone away to my brother’s house, but still will not bring out the money. My hus­band is threat­en­ing to leave me if I do not bring out the money. Tete Re­sponds:

Chil­dren can be a bit dif­fi­cult to han­dle es­pe­cially if they have been through a rough patch. He was very wrong to steal that money and if he re­ally did take that money, he must tell you how he spent it. How­ever, it is im­por­tant that you are cer­tain that he did take the money in the first place. Is it his habit to steal from you, is there any­one else who could have taken it, per­haps you may have even mis­placed it your­self? My point is that you should be cer­tain that he is the one who took it beyond doubt. At the end of the day you love both your hus­band and your son too. Find a way of bring­ing your life to­gether again with the help of a good peace maker.

Good Luck!

My father killed my mother

When I was seven years old, I re­mem­ber my father hit­ting my mother’s head against the wall till she be­came life­less. I re­mem­ber vividly how at first she screamed and then how she sud­denly went quiet. My mem­ory after that is just blurred as I try to put the pieces to­gether. My father has since re­mar­ried and I don’t re­mem­ber him go­ing to prison at all. I can­not tell any­one be­cause I have no proof, but it is driv­ing me crazy.

Tete Re­sponds:

Your mind is a very com­plex ma­chine that is smart enough to block cer­tain mem­o­ries and even cre­ate some. As a mat­ter of ur­gency you need to meet a pro­fes­sional coun­sel­lor for ther­apy. Be­fore ac­cus­ing your father of mur­der, find out the truth from close fam­ily mem­bers about your mum’s death and even ask for her death cer­tifi­cate. Ask ques­tions and get help be­fore you are fur­ther dis­turbed. Find in­ner peace and let go of the things you can­not change. Open your heart and your life to fresh­ness and new things ev­ery­day.

Be Still.

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