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WHAT is this that we hear about the gen­er­ous daugh­ter of a prom­i­nent fe­male le­gal prac­ti­tioner who is giv­ing it to three dif­fer­ent men at the same time?

Blab­ber has so much re­spect to those of the fairer sex, but Yours Truly thinks this lady of loose morals has crossed the line.

Many know her be­cause of the mother who is a prom­i­nent le­gal prac­ti­tioner and of course she has got the looks as well as the much sought after bot­tle shape.

Those that fre­quent this pop­u­lar night spot that only opens dur­ing week- ends late in the night know her as part of the man­age­ment at the trendy wa­ter­ing hole.

When loosely trans­lated her name is a ques­tion­ing state­ment.

Word reach­ing Blab­ber is that she is dat­ing three men who are all close to each other.

One of them is that other un­cul­tured sex­ual per­vert who is em­ployed as a man­ager at a pop­u­lar fu­neral par­lour, while the other used to be busi­ness part­ner to the for­mer.

The third part­ner in this stink­ing love af­fair is ac­tu­ally a run­ner boy to the fu­neral par­lour man­ager.

Blab­ber’s in­for­mants who were at this other an­nual mu­si­cal fi­esta held in a nearby re­sort area were ac­tu­ally taken aback to see three men with one lady and it was clear that the lady was now in a dilemma on who to wine and dine with among the three skirt chasers.

Yours Truly does not en­joy peep­ing on the key­holes of your bed­rooms, but like I have al­ways said nothing mo­ti­vates me more than the need to pre­serve the lit­tle that re­mains of our moral fabric.

He paid, but...

Yours Truly is well in­formed that our dear meat re­tailer who is in the habit of enticing and dat­ing mar­ried women fi­nally parted ways with a cou­ple of thou­sands of dol­lars to apol­o­gise to the hus­band of the mar­ried woman he re­cently lured.

What hurts Blab­ber the most is that the lat­est event is just but an ad­di­tion to the long list of fam­i­lies that this mo­ron has de­stroyed and still walks free in our so­ci­ety let alone boasts about it.

While he is boast­ing about his abil­ity to pay peo­ple after de­stroy­ing their fam­i­lies, Yours Truly feels for the chil­dren who are left to group with­out their fa­thers close to them.

Yours Truly feels for his em­ploy­ees who are left to make do with de­com­pos­ing meat as a salary while this sex ad­dict spends cash on pay­ing up for his open­zip shut mind ap­proach to sex is­sues.

None­the­less, Blab­ber is re­li­ably in­formed that after mak­ing full pay­ment to the cheated hubby, the pot bel­lied busi­ness­man will still un­dergo phys­i­cal pun­ish­ment.

Like they say, apana chisina ku­musha, Blab­ber is watch­ing!

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