What is a mo­ti­va­tional speaker?

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IF THERE is a skep­tic over this ti­tle many peo­ple today, big and small, have Chris­tened them­selves with, I am that skep­tic.

Be­fore go­ing too far, first of all I do not be­lieve any­one can mo­ti­vate an­other. The best mo­ti­va­tor of peo­ple is self. Even in all of Je­sus’ life on earth, he did not mo­ti­vate any­one. Paul did not. The same way, John the Bap­tist and the rest of them did not mo­ti­vate peo­ple to be­come Chris­tians. They taught them the truth about the Father in Heaven and the way to Heaven or hell if one chose that path, and let them choose life or death. There were no in­cen­tives or mo­ti­va­tional speeches.

That aside, if there are peo­ple like mo­ti­va­tional speak­ers today, and those that I know are mere text­book re­searchers and ‘par­rots’ of psy­chol­o­gists and philoso­phers, some do it well, oth­ers do it mis­er­ably as ex­pected. Some have read a lot of books and can share the wis­dom of their au­thors with their au­di­ences. All of them are so-called mo­ti­va­tional speak­ers. The ques­tion is how ef­fec­tive are th­ese speeches? Most of them are sheer beau­ti­ful noises made by very clever peo­ple who speak well and im­pres­sively but have no per­sonal charm or ex­pe­ri­ences to gen­uinely share with their au­di­ences and touch their hearts and minds.

You gather around a mo­ti­va­tional speaker. You are wet­ting your pants to get to a cer­tain point straight in your life or you want to get out of a se­ri­ous per­sonal prison, dilemma or dis­il­lu­sion­ment. The speaker has never ex­pe­ri­enced any of it but has read a lot about it. So what does he or she do? He or she col­lects, usu­ally mem­o­riz­ing, a lot of philo­soph­i­cal jar­gon and dis­course from a pop­u­lar au­thor-and pre­tends he is speak­ing.

Mean­while, he is trans­mut­ing the wis­dom of a writer whom he is too proud to ac­knowl­edge or quote. That is mo­ti­va­tional speak­ing. That is a mo­ti­va­tional speaker: a rich man or woman who has never been poor or broke, speak­ing to peo­ple as poor as church mice to be­come as rich as he or she is.

You can use your own ex­am­ples of mo­ti­va­tors whose speeches sim­ply don’t gen­uinely and hon­estly add up to touch the heart of a lis­tener who not only has a se­ri­ous prob­lem, difficulty, dilemma or dis­il­lu­sion­ment but gen­uine prob­lems and chal­lenges.

That is why mo­ti­va­tional speak­ers choose the top­ics to talk about, and not the au­di­ences of lis­ten­ers.

Well, as­sum­ing I have not con­vinced you that there is no ef­fec­tive mo­ti­va­tional speak­ing a man or woman can do to change any­body’s life ex­cept to tell them the truth and al­low them to think and choose, I want you to lis­ten to this.

If there is any amount of mo­ti­va­tional speak­ing that must go into a school, it must be­gin with the teach­ers. The teach- ers need this an­i­mal called mo­ti­va­tion more than the stu­dents. Once they are mo­ti­vated, they can mo­ti­vate their pupils every day, every time they are with them. If the teach­ers are not mo­ti­vated, I don’t know how they can be mo­ti­vated, beyond telling them the truth about their job, how to en­joy it with its frus­tra­tions and dis­ap­point­ments; their stu­dents are in the trou­ble of be­ing led and taught by a man or woman in hell to find the way to heaven.

If you don’t know or un­der­stand what I am talk­ing about, ask the teach­ers in schools where I have had op­por­tu­nity to ad­dress them; to talk to them about this hon­ourable job many peo­ple laugh about and at; where I have sug­gested ways of en­joy­ing teach­ing and re­duc­ing pro­fes­sional and emo­tional stress; in­clud­ing un­der­stand­ing the new cur­ricu­lum they so much hate at the ex­pense of their own mental health.

If you want me to talk sense into your teach­ers with­out mo­ti­vat­ing them, be­cause I am not a mo­ti­va­tional speaker, but a speaker ONLY, you are a phone call away (0773 883 293). I have too much to share with teach­ers.

You need a speaker who has been there, who has been in all the trenches, who will tell you the truth that will set you free and al­low you to think and en­joy both your job and life…for you have no other. I am a speaker, please note; not a mo­ti­va­tional speaker, even if I may end up mo­ti­vat­ing you. Re­mem­ber Socrates’ fa­mous words: “I can­not tell any­body any­thing; I can only make them think.”

Mr Mor­ris Mtisi speaks to se­nior stu­dents at Chi­takatira High School re­cently

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