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WE ARE now in the fes­tive pe­riod; many com­pa­nies are go­ing to close early so that the em­ploy­ees get an op­por­tu­nity to travel to var­i­ous des­ti­na­tions of their choice. This is also a time where some peo­ple go to their ru­ral homes to spend the hol­i­days there.

Be­lieve it or not this is a time when many peo­ple are gen­er­ally in an ex­cite­ment mode, whether they be­lieve in Christ­mas or not. Sadly, this is also a pe­riod when many peo­ple lose their lives on the roads, some due to cold blooded mur­ders, and some peo­ple even lose their val­ued prop­erty, and other as­sets to burglary and crim­i­nals. A lot of things do hap­pen dur­ing this pe­riod.

This week I want to share some thoughts which can guide us dur­ing this pe­riod.

Do not be too ex­cited

It is very good to cel­e­brate and to be ex­cited, but avoid the temp­ta­tion of over-ex­cite­ment. This is where many peo­ple miss it dur­ing this pe­riod. Many peo­ple over-drink dur­ing this pe­riod over ex­cite­ment, and some cross sev­eral bound­aries as well.

There are peo­ple who have never con­sumed any al­co­hol all their lives, but for one rea­son or an­other will do just be­cause it’s “Christ­mas”. Do not be overex­cited stay true to your­self. Do not change just be­cause of the sea­son we are in.

Do not com­pro­mise

your val­ues

This is a pe­riod many peo­ple make a lot of com­pro­mises. There are peo­ple who are go­ing to cheat on their spouses for the first time dur­ing this fes­tive pe­riod.

Ask them what would have hap­pened, “I was car­ried away”. Be clear on what your val­ues are. Be clear that you will not sac­ri­fice these val­ues on the al­tar of con­ve­nience. Never com­pro­mise on your core val­ues, as these go to the root of who you are.

Christ­mas comes and goes This is a point many peo­ple al­ways for­get, Christ­mas comes and goes, but the wounds of bad de­ci­sions may not go.

Do not make per­ma­nent de­ci­sions for tem­po­rary sit­u­a­tions. Do not be overex­cited and for­get that in 24 hours, the day will not be 25th De­cem­ber 2017. This is true of any other hol­i­day.

Stay re­spon­si­ble

Truth be told, it’s very easy to lose your life de­spite the fact that you have lived it well all along. If you are go­ing to be driv­ing, please en­sure that you drive re­spon­si­bly. The car presents one of the most con­ve­nient ways of mov­ing from one place to an­other, but it can present a weapon if not prop­erly han­dled, which can give you a cruel and hor­ri­ble way of dy­ing. Drive road­wor­thy ve­hi­cles.

I re­call see­ing one pic­ture which was cir­cu­lat­ing on so­cial me­dia, “There are no air-bags in this car, we die like real man”. This might be a joke, but the state of the car was re­ally a source of worry for me. Why risk your life by driv­ing un­road­wor­thy ve­hi­cles.

Do not take rides from road un­wor­thy ve­hi­cles. I do not why peo­ple some­times get to des­per­a­tion lev­els where they no longer care about what hap­pens to them. Sev­eral pub­lic trans­port ve­hi­cles will be on the road some­times with patent de­fects.

Do not risk your life. Even if you do not get the trans­port, you can al­ways apol­o­gise for fail­ing to turn rather than to in­sist on a trip which may com­mit you to the morgue, and cof­fin. It’s al­ways bet­ter to be seen than to be viewed.

The Traf­fic Safety Coun­cil has re­peated that peo­ple should not drink and drive. This is al­ways ig­nored, yet many ac­ci­dents are of­ten caused by driv­ers driv­ing un­der the in­flu­ence of al­co­hol. I have lost sev­eral col­leagues this year alone due to driv­ing un­der the in­flu­ence of al­co­hol. What a waste of life?

Do not drive when it is dark Drive when the vis­i­bil­ity is en­hanced. There are some peo­ple who boast that they are good at night driv­ing. Do not risk your life un­nec­es­sar­ily. A lot of things hap­pen on the roads at night. I de­lib­er­ately took a po­si­tion that I will not drive at night, I will rather drive when I can see clearly. My life is more im­por­tant than what­ever busi­ness that I am driv­ing to at­tend do.

Stay dis­ci­plined

You re­mem­ber I once said that, Christ­mas comes and goes. There is an­other part as well, dis­ci­pline. Be dis­ci­plined in ev­ery­thing that you do. Do not over­spend over the hol­i­days. Schools will be open­ing in Jan­uary you know it. Uni­forms will be needed yet you spend money on a braai stand with­out even pay­ing school fees. Pay your school fees, rent, and any other fixed obli­ga­tions be­fore you go for the hol­i­day.

Do not seek to im­press vis­i­tors by spend­ing what you do not have. Do not bor­row for the hol­i­day. Eat what is there. The most im­por­tant thing is to be thank­ful with what you have. You will not have any stress or pres­sure there­after.

Stay se­cure

Stop post­ing about all your where­abouts. Nowa­days it’s easy for peo­ple to be robbed. We can­not af­ford to keep quiet. If you buy a watch you want the whole world to know. You buy a hand­ker­chief you want the whole world to know, and when you travel you also want ev­ery­one to know that you are not at your home for the whole hol­i­day.

What you are do­ing is sim­ply ex­pos­ing your home to crim­i­nal el­e­ments. There are peo­ple who fol­low your posts not be­cause they like you, but be­cause they want to find a way to you and to your home and prop­erty. Some­times it is good to have a shut mouth. You will not have any prob­lems. If you trav­el­ling have se­cu­rity in place to se­cure your home, and your priced pos­ses­sions.

Have in­sur­ance in place

A lot of things hap­pen. Have your in­sur­ance in place. Do not travel with ve­hi­cle with­out full cover. What if you are ac­ci­den­tally bumped into? What if your car is a to­tal write off? Get your fu­neral cover in place. I do not wish you, or even my­self death, but death is real. Have your prop­erty in­sur­ance as well in place in case any­thing hap­pens to your prop­erty.

Let me take this op­por­tu­nity to wish all the Man­ica Post read­ers a Merry Christ­mas, and Happy New Year. Many thanks to the ed­i­tor for this col­umn. Asante Sana! (Thank you so much!)

Arthur Marara is a cor­po­rate law at­tor­ney, key­note speaker, cor­po­rate and per­sonal brand­ing speaker com­mand­ing the stage with his de­light­ful hu­mor, raw en­ergy, and wealth of life ex­pe­ri­ences. He is a fi­nan­cial well­ness ex­pert and is pas­sion­ate about ad­dress­ing the is­sues of well­ness, strat­egy and per­sonal de­vel­op­ment. Visit his web­site www.arthur­marara.org or con­tact him on +263772467255 for book­ings.

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