Son (14) spends mummy’s wages play­ing FIFA 18 on Playsta­tion

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A MUM was left hor­ri­fied af­ter her 14-year-old son spent her en­tire month’s wages play­ing a foot­ball com­puter game.

She had bought the FIFA 18 on­line game for her son us­ing her debit card, which she says en­abled him to pur­chase “points” while play­ing.

She claims that af­ter she signed up for the Playsta­tion game on­line they were both un­aware that her card num­ber was stored on the ac­count.

She said she was charged ev­ery time her son played the game and she claims there were no alerts warn­ing him they would cost money.

The fam­ily from Cork, Ire­land, are now fac­ing a bleak Christ­mas with lit­tle money.

And the mother - who wants to re­main anony­mous - has re­vealed her son is so up­set by what’s hap­pened he hasn’t left his room since last Mon­day.

The mum dis­cov­ered the blun­der when she went to with­draw money from her bank ac­count.

She was in­formed that she had in­suf­fi­cient funds and that her en­tire month’s wages and worse still, a bonus, were gone, re­ports the Ir­ish Mir­ror.

The con­cerned mum, who did not want to be iden­ti­fied said: “I get paid monthly so my pay cheque went in last Fri­day for four weeks’ wages and they took the whole month’s pay out of the card.

“He just didn’t un­der­stand but ev­ery ten points was cost­ing him more money. I think you need the points to move play­ers but I am not aware of how it works.

“When pur­chas­ing the game or play­ing it they don’t tell you that this has a cost el­e­ment. He didn’t have to do any­thing or click any­thing to ac­ti­vate my card.

“He never knew that when he was click­ing away the money was be­ing taken out of my ac­count.

Speak­ing to PJ Coogan on Cork’s 96FM on Thurs­day, she said: “I went down to the bank to get money out.

“I was told I had in­suf­fi­cient funds.

“I was just af­ter be­ing paid and I didn’t un­der­stand what was wrong so then I rang the bank.

“They said PlaySta­tion was con­stantly mov­ing money from my ac­count.

“It ended up be­ing my month’s pay.

“I con­tacted PlaySta­tion and they told me that it was an adults’ game.

“I ex­plained he was 14 and he didn’t un­der­stand he was play­ing with money.

“He didn’t have to do any­thing or click any­thing to ac­ti­vate my card.

“They said there was noth­ing they can do. For any par­ents out there I want them to be aware.

“Maybe there was [a lock or warn­ing sys­tem in place] but my 14-year-old son didn’t see it.

“He did not have to put in card de­tails or any­thing as my card was al­ready reg­is­tered.

“This was my first Christ­mas work­ing full time and then to go to your bank ac­count and find it empty with the whole month’s pay and over­time in the buildup to Christ­mas just gone is hor­ren­dous.

“I had to take my son out of school af­ter speak­ing to the bank so that he could go home and take ev­ery­thing off­line as money was still go­ing out of my ac­count.

“He is so up­set he is stay­ing in bed. He is with­drawn and is blam­ing him­self. He reck­oned he has spoiled Christ­mas for his fam­ily. I can’t even get him to school.

“There is no point in giv­ing out to him be­cause he is pun­ish­ing him­self more than I could ever have imag­ined.”

Playsta­tion told Mir­ror On­line: “We take the safety and se­cu­rity of our cus­tomers’ ac­counts very se­ri­ously, and have a range of in­dus­try-lead­ing se­cu­rity mea­sures in place to pro­tect our cus­tomers.

“Parental con­trols, in­clud­ing the cre­ation of PlaySta­tion Net­work ac­counts for in­di­vid­ual fam­ily mem­bers, can be used to en­sure that pur­chases are ei­ther re­stricted or pre­ventable.

“It is, how­ever, im­per­a­tive that all con­sumers take ev­ery pre­cau­tion to pro­tect their per­sonal de­tails.”— Mir­ror On­line

A mum says her son has spent her en­tire month's wages play­ing FIFA 18 on­line

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