It’s an or­der not a booty call, Ma’am!

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WHAT is this that we hear about the deputy head at a ju­nior school in one of the city’s leafy sub­urbs who is re­fus­ing to leave the school af­ter be­ing posted else­where?

I mean that school that showed great im­prove­ment in its re­cent aca­demic re­sults.

With her ex­ag­ger­ated sense of self-im­por­tance, the thick-headed lady, who is known for her gen­eros­ity when it comes to sex­ual mat­ters, has be­come law unto her­self as she is adamantly re­fus­ing to va­cate the school af­ter re­ceiv­ing writ­ten in­struc­tions from her su­pe­ri­ors to do so.

By now she should have been re­port­ing for duty at a school in a sprawl­ing high-den­sity suburb on the other side of the moun­tains where places for Grade One hardly at­tract any kick­back.

That a new guy has since ar­rived af­ter be­ing as­signed to take over the du­ties she had been per­form­ing has not even moved her at all.

Wherever she is get­ting the con­fi­dence to refuse to obey a law­ful and pro­fes­sional in­struc­tion, Blab­ber won­ders.

What Yours Truly is aware of is that the woman has been a sub­ject mat­ter on this widely read col­umn be­cause of her sex­ual shenani­gans as she lured her su­pe­ri­ors to get favours in re­turn. It ap­pears chick­ens have come home to roost and her su­pe­ri­ors are now tired of her old and wrin­kled pri­vates.

Be­ing moth­erly, as Blab­ber has al­ways been, the sim­ple ad­vice to her is to take heed of the in­struc­tions from her su­pe­ri­ors to move maybe one day she will bounce back even in a su­pe­rior po­si­tion.

Or­der be­ing re­stored at that in­fa­mous po­lice sta­tion

It ap­pears the ba­nana repub­lic that was cre­ated at that other po­lice sta­tion in one of the high-den­sity sub­urbs of the city is fi­nally com­ing to an end.

I mean the po­lice sta­tion lo­cated in that suburb named af­ter a yes­ter­year tra­di­tional leader, si­t­u­ated near a kombi rank pop­u­larly known for its lo­ca­tion at a hilly area. Word reach­ing Yours Truly is that one of the se­nior of­fi­cers at the sta­tion who was an ac­com­plice of the main man at the same sta­tion was re­cently trans­ferred to a rather re­mote plat­inum min­ing area where you have to pass through the cap­i­tal city on your way from our east­ern bor­der city.

Gen­tle Reader, for the sake of the moral fab­ric in our beloved city and specif­i­cally in that suburb where he has de­stroyed mar­riages ow­ing to his un­quench­able sex­ual ap­petite, Blab­ber is fast­ing that the main man also gets moved to that other bor­der town known for its coal min­ing ac­tiv­i­ties.

Ow­ing to his un­cul­tured sex­ual ma­noeu­vres, he is the last thing that our beloved force would need, more so, in our city.

Bet­ter late than never!

Un­rav­el­ling hu­man skele­tons for money

Can some­one tell this other pop­u­lar clergy with busi­ness in­ter­est in our city though based in the cap­i­tal that he needs to have some re­spect for the dead, at least, as far as our cul­ture de­mands.

I mean the one who is also into res­i­den­tial stands busi­ness apart from his highly ques­tion­able re­li­gious work given his open­zip shut-mind ap­proach to sex­ual mat­ters.

Just as his name points out, he is noise­maker.

Blab­ber is al­most done com­pil­ing notes on a re­cent shock­ing in­ci­dent in which the so-called man of the cloth dug about nine graves in an ef­fort to se­cure more land to sell res­i­den­tial stands.

Who knows, this might soon be a com­plete story with names of peo­ple and places to it. Watch my space!

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