First Steps Nurs­ery: A bun­dle of joy!

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EV­ERY­THING else be­ing equal, from a pre-school which is child friendly, new cur­ricu­lum com­pli­ant and of­fer­ing sound nurs­ery first steps, First Steps Nurs­ery rises above the rest. It goes the ex­tra mile to­wards the pro­duc­tion of a dis­tin­guished learner and child ev­ery par­ent is cer­tainly proud of.

All ECD and ju­nior school learn­ers go on ed­u­ca­tional trips.

Thanks to all the ef­fort put in by many of them. But how many have taken their chil­dren to the na­tional air­port, to board a jet plane and see all its in­te­rior dé­cor and seats (never mind tak­ing off)?

First Steps Nurs­ery did it.

They took their chil­dren to Robert Mu­gabe In­ter­na­tional Air­port on one of their ed­u­ca­tional trips. That is just one ex­am­ple of do­ing the same in a spe­cial and dif­fer­ent way.

While some cen­tres talk about a com­puter cul­ture and age, First Steps as­sem­bles chil­dren three and four years old who can demon­strate amaz­ing techno-savvy “tricks” with the com­puter. In­deed, these first steps are one step or two ahead of the rest.

What did First Steps Nurs­ery ex­hibit on its Speech and Prize-Giv­ing Day this year?

The lit­tle chil­dren’s drama was full of adult-like awe and un­der­stand­ing of stage artis­tic ex­pres­sion.

If you looked care­fully with an in­ner eye for de­tail and ap­pre­ci­a­tion you saw fu­ture ac­tors and ac­tresses wait­ing to dom­i­nate fu­ture act­ing on film and in the­atre per­for­mances.

The chil­dren put up ex­cel­lent stage acts the fu­ture is hun­grily wait­ing to tap and ex­ploit as prob­a­ble sources of en­ter­tain­ment and in­come.

The nov­elty of the new cur­ricu­lum is best re­alised in what chil­dren can do to­day. When you see chil­dren ex­hibit­ing skills in var­i­ous do­mains of learn­ing as we all saw, you surely get amazed by the new- ness, fresh­ness and unique­ness of learn­ing un­der the re­vised cur­ricu­lum.

First Steps Nurs­ery does ev­ery­thing ev­ery ECD does but does it in a spe­cial way or in a way a cut above the rest.

The Phys­i­cal Ed­u­ca­tion is a cut above the rest. The lit­tle chil­dren love and en­joy phys­i­cal train­ing with an al­most tan­gi­ble pas­sion.

They speak and act in a way ev­ery adult in­stantly recog­nises to be far above what they know or went through in their old systems of learn­ing.

Ev­ery­thing said and done, First Steps does what no other pre-school does, at least what this re­porter has not seen in all the end-of-year fes­tiv­i­ties he has at­tended: PHI­LAN­THROPY — A SENSE OF EMPATHISING AND SYM­PA­THIS­ING WITH THE POOR AND DIS­AD­VAN­TAGED WHICH TRIG­GERS A FREE WILL AND HEART TO GIVE.

Ev­ery year-end speech and prize-giv­ing day, First Steps Nurs­ery iden­ti­fies a dis­ad­van­taged child around town and en­cour­ages First Step Nurse-ari­ans to be lit­tle good Sa­mar­i­tans who feel pity on oth­ers and Dor­cases who give gen­er­ously.

And they teach the chil­dren not to give what they do not want or need any­more, but some­thing new they love and cher­ish.

Won­der­ful Ubun­thu train­ing at work! And ob­vi­ously a tint of Christ-like gen­eros­ity an­chored on the part that stores good will on the hu­man heart and mind.

Ev­ery­body present was deeply moved but in­wardly heart­ened to see ev­ery First Step child do­nat­ing a packet of some sort of food for Natasha Chemwany­isa, deaf and dumb girl who goes to school at Sakubva Pri­mary School.

It was clearly not the size of the gift that mat­tered but cer­tainly the spirit be­hind each lit­tle gift and the ubuntu/hunhu demon­strated here by the donor-par­ents through their chil­dren.

What a les­son to teach chil­dren at such a ten­der age! Lovely Natalia Urayayi and Tanatswanashe Mavhunga, only two and three year olds re­spec­tively, were an an­gelic spec­ta­cle when they wad­dled and daw­dled on the stage with lit­tle parcels in their lit­tle hands to present to Natalia.

Talk­ing to The Man­ica Post, First Steps Nurs­ery owner and di­rec­tor Mrs Miriam Mataranyika said teach­ing chil­dren to give is ex­cel­lent for moral and char­ac­ter build­ing.

“Giv­ing will teach your child to give to the poor, and God smiles when He sees that. When chil­dren grow up they will give you valu­able gifts.

‘‘They will have learnt from you in their ten­der age that giv­ing is Godly and it warmly ce­ments re­la­tion­ships,” she said. “And it is im­por­tant to teach them (chil­dren) to give what they trea­sure and love; not sec­ond-hand goods and re­jects.”

It is an open se­cret that though First Steps Nurs­ery is gov­erned by com­mon Min­istry of Ed­u­ca­tion pol­icy and guide­li­nesP,iIt Cis c3are­fully driven by se­ri­ous Sev­enth Day Ad­ven­tist ed­u­ca­tion prin­ci­ples es­poused by Ad­ven­tist prophetic teacher, Ellen White, one of which is that a good ed­u­ca­tion de­vel­ops love and com­mon com­pas­sion for one an­other.

In­deed life gains sense, value and mean­ing from what we do to oth­ers than what we do to our­selves!

Mrs Mataranyika, a se­ri­ous Ad­ven­tist her­self, does what the 21st cen­tury ed­u­ca­tion sys­tem de­mands yes, but she does not de­part from the teach­ings of the Bible.

It is the Bible which in­structs all wis­dom needed to develop worth­while chil­dren for a worth­while world.

Lest all schools for­get!

What a bun­dle of ed­u­ca­tional joy!

First Steps Nurs­ery does ev­ery­thing ev­ery ECD does but does it in a spe­cial way or in a way a cut above the rest. This pic­ture col­lage show why.

Mrs Mataranyika, the di­rec­tor and owner of FSN

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