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A BED-hop­ping mar­ried woman from Dora was pun­ished by a chief’s court af­ter she con­fessed to sleep­ing with her hus­band’s work­mate 13 times and twice with his best friend.

Priv­i­lege Sandi was or­dered to pay a beast or an equiv­a­lent amount of $300 to Chief Zimunya for her in­fi­delity stunts.

She opened up on her shenani­gans on Sun­day when she ap­peared be­fore Chief Zimunya’s court where her hus­band, Rodgers Ngorima, had dragged his best friend Andrew Jem­bere and work­mate Malvin Mun­dembe.

Ngorima ar­raigned Jem­bere and Mun­dembe be­fore Chief Zimunya’s court com­plain­ing that they had bonked his wife. He also wanted to be com­pen­sated.

Priv­i­lege, who was once bashed at a fu­neral over her loose morals, told Chief Zimunya that she slept with Jem­bere twice and 13 times with Mun­dembe. Ngorima told the court that a phone mes­sage sold out his wife’s pro­mis­cu­ous ways.

“It was on Jan­uary 20 this year at around 8pm when my best friend Jem­bere called me say­ing he wanted to meet me at Gura so that we could dis­cuss about a job he had found in Dangamvura. I never sus­pected that it was a planned move to drive me away from home and cre­ate room for the two,” he said.

Ngorima said he braved the dark­ness and walked to the growth point an­tic­i­pat­ing to meet his friend who never turned up within the ex­pected time frame.

“Along the way Jem­bere called me again ask­ing my where­abouts. I told him that I was al­ready at Gura and he also said he would be there in a few min­utes. I then met one of my friends who of­fered to buy me opaque beer which we later shared while wait­ing for Jem­bere. Un­for­tu­nately, Jem­bere never turned up as he had promised,” he said.

Ngorima said dur­ing the time he was drink­ing beer with his other friends at the growth point, Jem­bere was al­ready at his house hav­ing sex with his wife.

“Know­ing Jem­bere as my best friend, I be­gan to sus­pect his moves. When he ar­rived 30 min­utes later, I peeped on his phone and saw him typ­ing a mes­sage which read ‘air­time to­mor­row’.

“At that time I failed to see the in­tended des­ti­na­tion of the mes­sage,” he said.

Ngorima said when he re­turned home, he snatched his wife’s phone and came across Jem­bere’s mes­sage.

“The contact was served as VaJem­bere. I then ques­tioned her on whether my friend had passed through our place and she ad­mit­ted. I also ques­tioned her over his in­ten­tions and she be­came jit­tery. I then be­came sus­pi­cious and asked for her cell phone. I then came across Jem­bere’s mes­sage.”

Ngorima said upon ques­tion­ing his wife over her re­la­tion­ship with his friend, she ad­mit­ted to have slept with him that night.

“She ad­mit­ted to hav­ing sex with my friend and she also told me that it was not the first time,” he said

Asked whether her hus­band’s ver­sion of events was true, Priv­i­lege did not mince her words: “It is true. I had sex with him twice,” she said.

Jem­bere also ad­mit­ted to bonk­ing his friend’s wife. “We had sex twice. It is true I paid her on two oc­ca­sions,” he said.

Jem­bere, how­ever, tried in vain to shift the blame on Priv­i­lege say­ing she lured him into sleep­ing with her.

“She was the one who first sent a ‘please call me back’. I later called her and she asked for money say­ing their chil­dren had been chased away from school for non-pay­ment of school fees. She asked for $50 which I trans­ferred via Eco­cash,” he said.

Chief Zimunya or­dered Jem­bere to pay a beast and a goat or pay an equiv­a­lent amount of $335 to Ngorima as com­pen­sa­tion. Jem­bere was also or­dered to pay an­other beast to the chief for con­tribut­ing in so­cial deca­dence in his area.

Mun­dembe de­faulted his hear­ing. His mat­ter is ex­pected to be heard again on March 20, 2018. But Priv­i­lege, who claimed to be a month preg­nant, stunned the chief’s court when she also con­fessed to have gone be­tween the sheets with Mun­dembe 13 times.

“Yes I slept with Malvin. I think it was more than 13 times,” she said.

Mun­dembe’s wife, who was at the court, told Chief Zimunya that Priv­i­lege threat­ened her with death de­spite hav­ing an adul­ter­ous af­fair with her hubby.

“She even boasted of hav­ing been im­preg­nated by my hus­band. She is also threat­en­ing me with death de­spite hav­ing an af­fair with my hus­band,” she said.

Ngorima and his wife at the chief's court

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