Coun­cil ve­hi­cle chase crash open can of worms

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THE 22 Miles road ac­ci­dent which killed two Mutare City traf­fic en­force­ment em­ploy­ees fol­low­ing a high speed chase with a com­muter om­nibus on Mon­day morn­ing shocked many as it was both painful and un­ex­pected.

Ap­par­ently, the tragic in­ci­dent be­came the main­stay of pub­lic dis­course as res­i­dents aired out their sen­ti­ments over the case.

Soon af­ter The Man­ica Post broke the news mo­ments af­ter the ac­ci­dent on its on­line web­site, an avalanche of com­ments fol­lowed as read­ers gave their views.

One of the coun­cil em­ploy­ees died on the spot while the other died the fol­low­ing morn­ing while re­ceiv­ing treat­ment at Mutare Provin­cial Hos­pi­tal.

Some of the in­jured were treated and dis­charged.

The ac­ci­dent oc­curred af­ter the coun­cil tow truck veered off the road and hit a tree while chas­ing a Chipinge-bound com­muter om­nibus that had vi­o­lated traf­fic reg­u­la­tions. When the news crew vis­ited the scene a few mo­ments af­ter, the al­leged kombi at the cen­tre of the in­ci­dent had long gone.

Un­con­firmed re­ports sug­gest that mur­der charges have been pre­ferred against the driver of the run­away kombi who has been ar­rested.

Wit­nesses said the coun­cil ve­hi­cle fol­lowed the kombi up to 22 Miles be­cause one of the their col­league had been kid­napped by the kombi crew while try­ing to ar­rest them for flout­ing city road by-laws.

So they were on a res­cue mis­sion, it is said.

Ac­cord­ing to a press state­ment re­leased by the lo­cal author­ity’s pub­lic re­la­tions of­fice on Mon­day, coun­cil is blam­ing the kombi driver for de­lib­er­ately caus­ing the fa­tal ac­ci­dent.

“The ac­ci­dent oc­curred . . . when a Coun­cil tow ve­hi­cle was in­volved in a hit and run with a com­muter om­nibus which was evad­ing po­lice ar­rest.

Af­ter com­mit­ting the first of­fence at Sakubva swim­ming, the driver of the com­muter om­nibus sped off along Chi­man­i­mani Road, and upon ar­riv­ing at 22 Miles, he tact­fully hit the Coun­cil ve­hi­cle with the bumper re­sult­ing in the ac­ci­dent.

The driver im­me­di­ately sped off af­ter the in­ci­dent.” Read­ers had this to say over the


Wal­ter San­dako: Thank God mkombi hamuna vafa . . . . zvimwe zva­cho kanzuru yava kukura mu­soro

Zu­naid Nakedar: Sad to hear guys had to lose their lives by chas­ing a stupid kombi. What did the de­ceased achieve by do­ing so? Is the coun­cil go­ing to keep him on a life­time pay­roll? I don’t think so. The coun­cil guys also need to wake up and do their job and don’t try to act too smart

Luck­son Mu­tate Ngorima: Go­ing as far as 22 miles? That’s to­tal mad­ness. Where were they go­ing? Out of bounds. To the de­ceased, may their dear de­parted souls rest in eter­nal peace and a speedy re­cov­ery to the in­jured ones

El­iz­a­beth Natasha Ku­penga: Prob­lem is these of­fi­cers va­nenge vachi­funga kuti varik­ishamisira vachig­ona basa but at the end they end up be­ing hurt or los­ing life in the process.

The ve­hi­cles they use in chas­ing other mo­torists are not safe. This other day ZRP was chas­ing a kombi us­ing an open truck which had peo­ple at the back and they don’t think of their lives. So the Govern­ment should re­ally in­ter­vene be­cause there might be loss of lives of in­no­cent peo­ple espe­cially the pas­sen­gers in the kombi

Gwinyai Shoko: Re­gai kudzin­girira sekunonzi mari irikupinda muhomwe yemunhu

Ed­ward Map­fumo: Even paita hit and run the best they could have done is alert the po­lice who would have alerted po­lice at toll­gate who would have stopped and ar­rested the kombi driver. This is mad­ness and it must stop .

Suc­ceed Chakanetsa: In all hon­esty I think the coun­cil guys are try­ing to ap­por­tion blame to some­one who, at the mo­ment, can­not re­spond to these al­le­ga­tions. How­ever, the sim­ple truth that we know is the speed chase was un­nec­es­sary. I am not sure what the kombi driver had done but I think they could have done bet­ter by tak­ing down the li­cence plate num­ber and then catch­ing the of­fender on an­other day, in a safer sit­u­a­tion. Not only did their rash judge­ment and re­ac­tion re­sult in the un­nec­es­sary death of their col­league, they en­dan­gered lives of scores of other road users. For what? A fine? Get real Mutare City Coun­cil.

Kai­tano Mbaya: Ma­purisa ecoun­cil vanonyanya kuda mari vari kugurisa vanhu mari mu­misika umo va­chon­goti izvi hazvib­vu­midzwe saka nga­paon­gororwe. Ndokuzo mhanyirira mota kusvika ku22miles kuda kugurisa please in­ves­ti­gate these cor­rupt coun­cil po­lice­men

Royn Nyamombe: It seems as if the kombi was chas­ing the city coun­cil ve­hi­cle. It doesn’t make sense that they were hit by the front bumper of the kombi, of which they were chas­ing. Plus why did they chase the kombi kunosvika ku 22 uko wa­chi­tadza ku­tora num­ber plate kuda kugurisa kwese ikoko

Re­gai Tsunga: The Coun­cil ver­sion of the in­ci­dent is a hard sell. Old habits die hard. Mutare Coun­cil staff have no busi­ness to trans­act so far away from the city. Traf­fic cops must sim­ply de­sist from par­tak­ing in high speed chase er­rands

Al­bie Marima: They lost con­trol on their own don’t try to put the blame on kombi driver. How can they chase for 36km what crime had he com­mit­ted?

Bless­ing Kevin Mashawa: The coun­cil said the kombi driver tac­t­i­fully hit the front bumper of the coun­cil truck? Who was chas­ing who? The state­ment leaves a lot to be de­sired. The truck driver lost con­trol on his own. He was the one who was be­hind. Af­ter all he was out of his ju­ris­dic­tion. Ko Mutare yawe kusvika ku 22miles here?

Jephias Mun­dondo: Kuhu­mana chaiko. Mad­ness proper. ED or who­ever will win the elec­tions need to know that we still have lu­nacy in these coun­cils and has some clean­ing to do. The de­mon of want­ing money at all cost with­out con­sid­er­ing hu­man dig­nity and life is still hov­er­ing in these in­sti­tu­tions. It’s the dic­ta­tor­ship hang­over men­tal­ity of the past. Mweya wesv­ina chaiwo. Some­one must apol­o­gize and way of think­ing and work­ing of pub­lic in­sti­tu­tion needs to re­form. Even Rhode­sia never op­er­ated like that

Sam Dhina: They say Zim­babwe has the high­est rate of ed­u­cated peo­ple but prac­ti­cally this is the op­po­site. How can they keep on chas­ing ve­hi­cles and yet there have regis­tra­tion num­bers. Just take the num­ber plate and make a fol­low up.

Why waist­ing Govern­ment fuel by chas­ing ve­hi­cles. The end is death in most cir­cum­stances. STOP THIS.

The body of one of the coun­cil work­ers lie next to the ex­ten­sively dam­aged city traf­fic en­force­ment ve­hi­cle at 22 Miles in Marange.

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