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WHAT is this that we hear about a broke busi­ness­man who has watched his em­pire crum­ble like a deck of cards in re­cent months?

I mean this other pot bel­lied chap who was once sub­ject on this widely read col­umn when he turned into a child mo­lester, prey­ing on young girls whom he lured by splash­ing cash?

Blab­ber is not a mere pes­simistic stooge who sees noth­ing good in hu­mankind.

This is why Yours Truly was happy for him when he was do­ing quite well, ris­ing from hum­ble be­gin­nings over the years to achieve so much in his con­fec­tionery busi­ness.

But Blab­ber went gaga when news of his un­quench­able sex­ual ap­petite reached Yours Truly.

In any case, Blab­ber would not smile at any pae­dophile.

Far from his sex­ual shenani­gans, word reach­ing Yours Truly is that our dear broke busi­ness­man is now a reg­u­lar client for dif­fer­ent loan sharks in the city.

Known in ver­nac­u­lar as chim­badzwa, these are soft loans given on an agreed in­ter­est rate.

His croaky voice has sud­denly come in handy in ne­go­ti­at­ing favourable in­ter­est rates.

Funny how things change!

From a flam­boy­ant busi­ness­man who would splash cash to thigh ven­dors, young girls and later in church, the boy is now try­ing to re­sus­ci­tate his busi­ness us­ing money from lo­cal loans sharks.

The way­ward head­mas­ter

Blab­ber has been silent for a long time while watch­ing this other school head whose cor­rupt deeds are still un­der scru­tiny in the cor­ri­dors of power un­der his par­ent min­istry.

I mean that other head­mas­ter who is run­ning a high school lo­cated in the sprawl­ing sub­urb whose name has some­thing to do with wa­ter.

Blab­ber thought it would end with that other case of cor­rup­tion from his for­mer school, not un­til com­plaints come my way about his sex­ual shenani­gans at the school he is cur­rently run­ning.

Yours Truly is re­li­ably in­formed that the school head is ask­ing for sex­ual favours even from mar­ried women who ap­proach his of­fice in search of places for their kids.

In fact, Yours Truly is putting the pieces to­gether on the case of cor­rup­tion from his for­mer school and soon, very soon, Blab­ber will name and shame.

Watch my space.

Bishop, please warn your young brother

Blab­ber is wor­ried about this un­re­pen­tant young brother of a cer­tain Bishop.

The bishop serves in the pop­u­lar apos­tolic sect led by an el­derly church founder.

The church, which is also known by the founder’s name, is widely known for its slo­ga­neer­ing, which al­ludes to the name of our con­ti­nent.

Word reach­ing Yours Truly is that the bishop’s young brother, whose Shona name can be loosely trans­lated to mean ‘the one who does not have,’ is still see­ing this other young lady who used to work for the bishop in butch­ery.

The young lady, who is dark in com­plex­ion and known for pre­tend­ing to be morally up­right yet she is so gen­er­ous with the for­bid­den fruit, was once ha­rassed for dat­ing a mar­ried woman at her work­place dur­ing the days she was em­ployed at the bish­ops butch­ery in the CBD.

Blab­ber will stop at noth­ing in pre­serv­ing the lit­tle that re­mains of our moral fab­ric and this ex­plains why Yours Truly is plead­ing with the re­spected bishop to give good ad­vice to his own young brother lest Blab­ber will go ahead in the next in­ser­tion to ex­pose the nitty- gritty of this il­licit af­fair.

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