Killing the goose that lays the eggs

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COULD this be an­other case of a fool and his money?

Blab­ber has penned quite a num­ber of sto­ries on how fools have parted ways with for­tune ow­ing to their pro­cliv­ity to lav­ish life­styles and bed-hop­ping.

Our dear busi­ness­man is a well known phi­lan­derer, who has de­stroyed mar­riages in the city by lur­ing mar­ried women us­ing the power of the green­back.

I mean that other busi­ness­man who is into an­i­mal prod­ucts re­tail­ing as well as a pop­u­lar, spa­cious, open air wa­ter­ing hole lo­cated on the pe­riph­ery of the city.

Yours Truly has gath­ered that this other well known busi­ness­man’s op­er­at­ing li­cense has been with­drawn.

You heard me right! His li­cense has been with­drawn! He is no longer al­lowed, at law, to con­tinue in that line of busi­ness.

The au­thor­i­ties dereg­is­tered the busi­ness af­ter de­tect­ing that it thrived on dis­hon­estly, and hence putting the un­sus­pect­ing pub­lic’s health at risk.

While the bozzo is in the habit of ac­quir­ing the lat­est flashy ve­hi­cles, giv­ing the false im­pres­sion that he is still hold­ing on in the fast lane, word reach­ing Yours Truly is that all is not so rosy for him.

Like they say, all that glit­ters is not gold.

His world is on the rocks. If this ven­ture, in­her­ited from de­ceased par­ents was the ma­jor source of in­come, then Yours Truly is left won­der­ing why this mo­ron was fail­ing to op­er­ate it pro­fes­sion­ally.

Why is he killing an in­her­ited goose that lays golden eggs for him. Even the de­parted ones should be turn­ing in their graves.

Blab­ber has no mal­ice, and will wait see how this all ends.

En­joy your Easter holiday, but...

As we all go to this very im­por­tant holiday on the Chris­tian cal­en­dar, Blab­ber wishes ev­ery­one a blessed Easter holiday. But, please be warned that Yours Truly will keep his eyes wide open and ears on the ground.

Blab­ber is aware of the sex­ual shenani­gans of some priests who took vows of celibacy and of course, the un­eth­i­cal con­duct of some of the so called prophets in our city.

Blab­ber will not talk about this other pop­u­lar pas­tor whose name has some­thing to do with a for­eign lan­guage.

To­gether with other men of the cloth, they seem to have failed our society as far as moral up­right­ness is con­cerned.

They lack moral wor­thi­ness to stand on the pul­pit to lec­ture to us about the good news of sal­va­tion as their ac­tions con­tra­dict their ver­bal ut­ter­ances.

Like I have al­ways said Blab­ber is mo­ti­vated by the very need to pre­serve the lit­tle that re­mains of our moral fab­ric and to that end, Yours Truly will stop at noth­ing ex­pos­ing ev­ery dirty in the re­li­gious and pub­lic do­main. Be warned be­fore it’s too late.

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