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MANY times we eas­ily get con­sumed by what takes place around us and life seems can ap­pear over­whelm­ing.

We have hur­ri­canes in Amer­ica and land­slides in Sierra Leone. There are deadly dis­eases wip­ing out com­mu­ni­ties. Economies are strug­gling and wars are rag­ing.

You have un­ful­filled dreams, in­sur­mount­able chal­lenges and no sign of any re­prieve. It is pos­si­ble that in the midst of all these ac­tiv­i­ties we can miss what is star­ing us in the face.

In He­brews 1:3, the Bi­ble says God up­holds ev­ery­thing by the power of His Word. In Ge­n­e­sis 1, God spoke the sun and the stars into ex­is­tence and they are still there to­day.

Know that de­spite all the tur­moil, doom and gloom around us, our God is in con­trol and He is big­ger than any­thing we could ever face.

Fo­cus on that and it will help to lo­cate your­self in the storms of life.

To­day I want to touch on some­thing that we have spo­ken about quite of­ten. We are faced with nu­mer­ous choices on a day to day ba­sis. Some are life and death is­sues, some are triv­ial and yet some might seem sim­ple yet they get com­plex as time un­folds.

I per­son­ally be­lieve that be­tween the ages of 18 and 30 years, we make de­ci­sions that lit­er­ally shape our lives and set us on a path to blessing or sor­row.

Yes def­i­nitely, God is able to fash­ion new op­por­tu­ni­ties later on in life but it is al­ways bet­ter to do it right at the first time of ask­ing as the sec­ond time around will al­ways re­quire more ef­fort. I have al­ways re­ferred to a state­ment that my father in the Lord al­ways says: Prin­ci­ple ver­sus Per­son­al­ity.

A prin­ci­ple in sim­ple terms is a laid down pro­ce­dure or process that has been proven to pro­duce the de­sired re­sults over time. Good ex­am­ples are sci­en­tific, fi­nan­cial or eco­nomic prin­ci­ples the same is true for val­ues and be­liefs.

A per­son­al­ity is an ex­pres­sion or be­havioural at­tribute that is based upon a par­tic­u­lar in­di­vid­ual or or­gan­i­sa­tion. This has to do with a par­tic­u­lar per­sona or char­ac­ter traits.

Some­times we can en­counter very colour­ful and larger than life in­di­vid­u­als who seem to be above the law.

This still does not mean that they are not sub­ject to the prin­ci­ples that gov­ern life and the uni­verse. We all know that God is the ul­ti­mate power of the uni­verse. Con­sider David in 2 Sa­muel 11. David is a mighty man of God. He killed Go­liath and took a na­tion that was wal­low­ing in an eco­nomic de­pres­sion and turned it into a re­gional power house. He was the king who brought unity and peace to a na­tion.

David is the one whom God said was af­ter the heart of God. David was a musician and a true states­man, a larger than life char­ac­ter who was a liv­ing leg­end. The story of 2 Sa­muel 11 comes in the back­drop of all of David’s mighty works.

He takes an­other man’s wife and sleeps with her. He tries to cover up her preg­nancy by bring­ing her hus­band from the bat­tle­ground. When that doesn’t work he gets the hus­band killed and takes the woman as his wife.

In 2 Sa­muel 12 the Prophet Nathan con­fronts David through a para­ble.

The para­ble speaks of a rich man (per­son­al­ity) who takes away the one lamb that be­longed to a poor man in the vil­lage yet he had many sheep of his own to choose from (vi­o­la­tion of prin­ci­ple).

When David heard this para­ble he was very an­gry and wanted that man to be tried and killed at the gal­lows. He was dumb­founded when the prophet re­vealed that he was the rich man in ques­tion. David was heart­bro­ken and re­pen­tant.

The moral be­hind the story above is that no mat­ter who you are, no one is above the prin­ci­ples of life.

Psalm 138:2 says of God “… for thou hast mag­ni­fied thy word above all thy name”.

The names of God show His per­son­al­ity and His Word shows us His prin­ci­ples. Hence one of the names of God is Je­ho­vah Jireh mean­ing the Lord pro­vides. But the Word of God says that He will bless the work of your hands.

It is very un­likely that God will bless lazi­ness and back door deal­ings sim­ply be­cause His name is Je­ho­vah Jireh. Like­wise if you fol­low the prin­ci­ples of the Word of God you will reap the ben­e­fits of the per­son­al­ity of God.

To­day we live in a world of per­son­al­i­ties and celebri­ties. One would be for­given to be­lieve that they are above the law. Whether they be politi­cians, artistes, sports­men or roy­alty, we have char­ac­ters that are con­tin­u­ously be­hav­ing in im­moral and un­godly ways.

I want to en­cour­age you to stay true to the prin­ci­ples of God. Gala­tians 6 says you will reap from what­ever it is that you sow no mat­ter who you are.

Stay up­right, keep your­self pure, when mak­ing de­ci­sions ask your­self whether you are pro­mot­ing a per­son­al­ity or you are be­ing guided by prin­ci­ples and val­ues of life.

There is value in obey­ing the Word of God, and there is noth­ing like hav­ing a clear con­science. Till next time, take care and God bless. Ti­nashe Zinyemba is a pas­tor with New Life Covenant Church. Feed­back: tinashezinyemba@ya­hoo.com

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