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GREET­INGS to you all dear con­gre­gants in the mighty name of our Lord and Saviour Je­sus Christ. Ru­gare kwa­muri vanhu vaMwari. It has been a busy and long week for Zim­babwe. In fact, it was such a whirl­wind of events, but worry not, our ser­mon will fill you in.

Brethren, your vot­ing pat­terns re­ally have to be com­mended. That mixed and colour­ful bag in the Ninth Par­lia­ment is a re­sult of your lovely se­lec­tion. The next five years are go­ing to be very in­ter­est­ing.

Imag­ine VaMu­todi mak­ing his sub­mis­sions with all that en­ergy. Joshua Sacco, our beloved muk­washa brings colour, as does Black­man Matam­banadzo.

Don’t for­get the ever flam­boy­ant Dr Phil and his ex­pen­sive suits. Surely the House can do with some yel­low and pink linen! But we will be con­stantly re­mind­ing just how rich Chiyangwa is. Brace for that vanhu vaMwari. Don’t say you were not warned. l have a sweet mes­sage for all those fresh faces in Par­lia­ment, mune vakawanda va­chine mukaka pamhuno.

I know there are some who may doubt your ca­pa­bil­i­ties; do not let that de­ter you from do­ing zva­maka­tumwa naMwari.

For the Word of God says, “Let no one look down on your youth­ful­ness, but rather in speech, con­duct, love, faith and pu­rity, show your­self an ex­am­ple of those who be­lieve.” (1 Ti­mothy 4:12).

This Ninth Par­lia­ment might as well be de­scen­dants of David. Can l get an amen vanhu vashe?

The ma­jor­ity of the peo­ple in there are looked down upon but let me as­sure you dear con­gre­gants, un­der the watch­ful eye of Pres­i­dent Mnan­gagwa, they are the right peo­ple to take us to Canaan.

They do not pos­sess the ro­man­tic aura, just like David dur­ing his youth. When the Lord tasked Sa­muel to anoint a king among Jesse’s sons, David was not among the top con­tenders.

Yet 1 Sa­muel 16:12 tells us, “So af­ter a time, the youngest son was brought in. His name was David, and he was a beau­ti­ful boy, per­haps fif­teen years old, with fresh cheeks and bright eyes. As soon as the young David came, the Lord said to Sa­muel, ‘Arise, anoint him, for this is the one whom I have cho­sen.”

His con­ceited and spir­i­tu­ally blind brethren who thought they were bet­ter did not get the anoint­ing — just as we saw at the polls.

Hama mu­nashe, the Lord doesn’t see things the way we see them. Peo­ple judge by out­ward ap­pear­ance, but the Lord looks at the heart.

Any­way, so there l was think­ing that maybe one or two MDC Al­liance Mem­bers of Par­lia­ment would boy­cott the in­au­gu­ra­tion as a show of sol­i­dar­ity with Pas­tor Nel­son.

Noth­ing of that sort hap­pened. Shuwa, nhamo yemumwe hairam­birwe sadza.

Tendai Biti, the fella who pre­tends to be Pas­tor Chamisa’s right hand man, took the oath of of­fice be­fore clum­sily try­ing to claim that the Ninth Par­lia­ment faced a “cri­sis of le­git­i­macy”.

Nhai vaBiti, why would a whole lawyer like your­self take an oath of of­fice for an in­sti­tu­tion that has a “cri­sis of le­git­i­macy”? Ukadziya moto wem­bavha newewo wa­tove mbavha ka.

As I fol­lowed the in­au­gu­ra­tion of MPs, I en­vied ED. It must have been great fun pick­ing his Cab­i­net from that vi­brant bas­ket.

And he did well: bal­anc­ing gen­der, age, race, ex­per­tise and ex­pe­ri­ence.

So there we were in China last week. Af­ter ty­ing up sev­eral deals with our hosts, we par­took of the last sup­per, Brother Pa­trick Chi­na­masa in at­ten­dance too.

It was not with a heavy heart, rather in a com­radely man­ner.

I know that wher­ever he is, Chi­na­masa is a happy man. Akarwa kurwa kwakanaka in Gov­ern­ment. Now to other mat­ters. Brethren, we need to re­mem­ber baba na­mai Mu­gabe nemhuri yavo in our prayers. The cou­ple is not feel­ing well.

I have to ad­mit that when the Pres­i­dent read that note from the for­mer Pres­i­dent at the in­au­gu­ra­tion, the Doubt­ing Thomas in me didn’t be­lieve the guy was be­ing sin­cere.

This is the one of the few cases in which l have to ad­mit just how wrong l was. They have ac­cepted that the old or­der changeth and we are well and truly in the Sec­ond Repub­lic.

To the is­sue of pray­ing for them. Gushungo na Dr Amai var­wara. I re­peat, please let’s pray for Dr Amai and VaMu­gabe.

Let by­gones be by­gones, inga wani Mwari van­oti we should for­give those who do wrong unto us seventy times seven times (Mathew 18:22).

Dr Amai is now singing a dif­fer­ent sac­cha­rine tune and has vowed to pray for this na­tion and Pres­i­dent Mnan­gagwa.

“Mnan­gagwa loves us. He knows we love him too. We pray for him be­cause it’s God’s will that he is Pres­i­dent. We pray that he be given the wis­dom to lead the coun­try,” she said. Amen vhang­eri! Ever since the for­mer Pres­i­dent supped with the devil on the eve of the elec­tions, your Bishop has been pray­ing for this to hap­pen; for light to shine on the path of the Mu­gabe fam­ily. It has come to pass.

Sangano dzvene raMwari, itai Amen in­ob­ho­hwa satan. Mwari wati­nona­mata mukuru.

And may our good Lord con­sole the Mu­gabe fam­ily dur­ing this dif­fi­cult time as they mourn Gogo Marufu. Rufu mutemo waMwari saka ngatichemei ti­ine tariro.

Bishop is out!

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