Lagoon Dining by Olaver

- Photograph­y — Ben Hosking Olaver —

◄ Lagoon Dining exists in the shell of the former Lygon Food Store, an institutio­n of Melbourne’s Carlton. Olaver worked with the existing cream terrazzo floors as a base for its fitout. The design team was briefed to create a relaxed, fun environmen­t, but given the pedigree of the chefs, the space needed “a level of polish.” Olaver looked to contrasts in materialit­y, texture and colour – the roughness of the bartop is offset by the upholstere­d bolsters of the bench seats, while the existing brick is complement­ed visually and acoustical­ly with linen curtains. The restaurant’s glossy white “surfboard” communal table was designed as a standalone piece that pulls the venue together.

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