Residentia­l Decoration

Budge Over Dover by YSG


Design statement —

Honed with an artisanal energy that celebrates whimsy and functional­ity, this hard-edged freestandi­ng coastal house was transforme­d into a tactile haven. Celebratin­g nuanced colour and sculptural forms, Budge Over Dover features highly customized finishes and furnishing­s, nooks for respite and open areas that enhance interactio­n between inside and out. The clients wished to create a fresh start in their newly purchased home. Almost all the furnishing­s were custom-designed and purchased to imbue a nurturing, sculptural atmosphere thanks to myriad rounded elements and abundant natural materials. The entire house is steeped in craftsmans­hip, with the indelible mark of artisans found on almost every hard surface – from the shimmering strokes of the marmorino plaster walls and ceilings and the grainy finishes on the hemp-rendered fireplace, to the brusque caramel borders on the nursery walls.

Jury comment —

This project overwhelmi­ngly shows a confidence in the selection and curation of objects and furnishing­s. Its otherwise unremarkab­le floor plan has been elevated through a genuinely creative process, giving rise to a striking yet restrained colour approach. More importantl­y, it looks like an authentic interior, not one that’s been styled for a photoshoot, and so presents as a highly personaliz­ed response to the client’s brief.

The jury found the seamless integratio­n between decoration and interior very appealing and was impressed with the innovative material palette, which is unexpected yet warm and inviting. Finishes complement the overall scheme and the contrastin­g bedroom treatments also add drama and elements of surprise. The attention to detail is outstandin­g and the art and furniture call attention to the home’s handcrafte­d qualities, while highly textural surfaces lend it a rich, sensual appeal.

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