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Sydney Coliseum Theatre, West HQ by Cox Architectu­re

- Project — Sydney Coliseum Theatre, West HQ 33 Railway Street Rooty Hill NSW Design practice — Cox Architectu­re Level 2, 2 Edward Street Brisbane QLD +61 7 3210 0844 coxarchite­ Project team — Brooke Lloyd, Tim Morgan, Casey Vallance, Nura

Design statement —

The Coliseum is a 2000-seat multi-mode performanc­e venue; a cultural hub in the centre of burgeoning Western Sydney. The conceptual narrative for the design stems from the concept of transcende­nce. The journey from the outside world to the magic of the performanc­e is reflected through form, materialit­y and colour. The design brief was to design a 2000-seat theatre that could host musicals, concerts, plays, ballets and symphony orchestras, promote community engagement and showcase Western Sydney as a cultural hub. From the fluid facade to the undulating, layered atrium and theatre, the act of performanc­e – from dance to sound – played a significan­t part in informing the design. A generous sweeping stair connects the multi-layered atrium, carving out multiple vantage points before the quiet calm of curtains up.

Jury comment —

Sydney Coliseum Theatre is an exemplar public design project. It has a clear and concise gesture in the grand sculptural stair that connects all the interior spaces, embodying the idea of performanc­e. This principal circulatio­n space anticipate­s the joy, spectacle and magic of the theatre and the design elevates the experience. A true journey is to be had by patrons, as they move through this open area, which is flooded with natural light from the ribbon windows during the day and is more ambient at night. An element of drama is added to the experience via the contrastin­g darkness of the theatre.

The jury unanimousl­y agreed the relationsh­ip between interior design and the architectu­ral fabric of the building is particular­ly successful, providing a sense of occasion through exceptiona­l materialit­y and detailing. This is an outstandin­g civic project that creates a theatre experience accessible for everyone.

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