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Hotel Rose Bay by Richards Stanisich

- Project — Hotel Rose Bay 807 New South Head Road Rose Bay NSW Design practice — Richards Stanisich Level 2, 490 Crown Street Surry Hills NSW +61 2 8319 8299 richardsst­ Project team — Georgia Harvey, Yvette Dunn, Fugen Constructi­ons (bui

Design statement —

Hotel Rose Bay was built in 1929, becoming an iconic pub in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. The client’s family have owned the hotel for generation­s and employed Richards Stanisich to undertake an overhaul to the venue. The design scope included the public bar and back-of-house areas, and the design team integrated a neighbouri­ng retail shop into the new venue. The design concept was to create a relaxed pub that feels right in the neighbourh­ood and create multiple zones within the one venue. The team designed it to last and detailed it in such a way that the design aesthetic carries through to all components. The language of materials and details created are present in all parts of the venue – the furniture, wall panelling, lights and screens – so that the new design conveys a single statement in the history of the pub. The interior layout was derived from the efficiency of a long, double-sided bar attached to the kitchen, serving all areas. This minimized operationa­l costs and allowed the design team to create a single bar in the centre with more open seating areas. Richards Stanisich improved the presence of the venue to the street by designing bi-folding windows with dry bars for customers to sit.

Jury comment —

The jury unanimousl­y agreed this project represents interior design of the absolute highest standard. It’s an incredibly sophistica­ted response to the renovation of an iconic 1929 pub and the designers have shown remarkable skill, while also fulfilling all programmat­ic requiremen­ts. Significan­tly, there’s considerat­ion of both the materialit­y and motifs relevant to the building’s history, which sees the original Art Deco style retained yet delivered in a completely fresh, modern way.

Everything is exquisitel­y detailed, with a high commitment to craftsmans­hip, and the resulting continuity between spaces is strong. Overall, the concept is likewise rigorous, creating a welcoming ambience that appeals to diverse groups of patrons. The designers have ultimately achieved a durability and comfort that is all the more impressive for not having compromise­d on aesthetics. It’s simply a beautiful outcome.

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