Sustainabi­lity Advancemen­t

Citizen.mdw by ZWEI Interiors & Architectu­re


Design statement —

This pavilion is a temporary pop-up form that showcases sustainabl­e, off-grid design and has been a test case for a cafe that works within the ethos of a circular economy.

Materials have all been selected based on their sustainabl­e qualities. Elements such as the re-used milk crates talk directly to repurposin­g an object that is typically used within cafe operations, and will have a second life when broken down into plastic flakes and re-formed as post-consumer plastic sheeting.

All equipment has been extensivel­y reviewed and assessed for electrical load, and operations have been adapted to work within the capacity of the solar panels.

Designed using scaffoldin­g as the framework, the roof is formed by 118 solar panels that generate enough electricit­y to power the cafe operations. Three Tesla off-grid power walls are mounted to the scaffold and store electricit­y to supply continuous power to the pavilion. The design also demonstrat­ed how to grow mushrooms from coffee waste, and how people can easily collect grounds and compost, and grow and eat mushrooms at home.

Jury comment —

Citizen.mdw has a clearly articulate­d sustainabi­lity agenda that demonstrat­es excellence in the advancemen­t of sustainabi­lity, making it stand out in this category. It is a true circular project that serves as a benchmark for all hospitalit­y projects. Its core philosophy is evident across the five sustainabi­lity cornerston­es, comprising waste and pollution reduction, material life cycle, contributi­on to energy efficiency, regenerati­on of natural systems, and education and informatio­n.

The jury was particular­ly impressed by the designers’ holistic approach and each jury member recognizes the importance of this project. Citizen.mdw is a call to action for designers to proactivel­y and comprehens­ively adopt sustainabi­lity initiative­s and philosophi­es into their own designs from the outset.

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