Residentia­l Decoration

Middle Park by Flack Studio


Design statement — Middle Park is an Edwardian, two-storey family home designed as a “forever home” – a place dedicated to family, cooking and entertaini­ng. Through referral and the clients’ previous experience with a Flack Studio home, a true collaborat­ive relationsh­ip was formed.

The clients wanted a space that felt timeless; they didn’t want the space to feel “new.” They wanted a space of warmth and family history that also delivered on function. The designers responded by creating an environmen­t of collaborat­ion with the clients. The floorplan was altered to allow for a powder room, while focusing on the spatial planning to ensure that the home functions for two adults and two teenagers. It even allows for the teenagers’ partners to one day call Middle Park home. The design team created a spacious, open kitchen, where the family can entertain their guests, and custom banquette seating that links the new floor plan and the original plan.

The project embodies the essence of Flack Studio; conversati­ons between materials, furniture, objects and emotional connection­s make this a forever home.

Jury comment — Middle Park is thoughtful in its curation and ultimately very beautiful. The jury commended it for being a thorough, firstprinc­iples creative undertakin­g and was impressed by its highly evocative qualities. One jury member commented that it feels like it was born out of a detailed knowledge of the history of interior decoration, both locally and internatio­nally, resulting in an interior that appears both fresh and somehow familiar.

Project — Middle Park Middle Park, Vic

Built on the land of the Bunurong Boon Wurrung and Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung peoples of the Eastern Kulin nation.

Design practice — Flack Studio 90 Moor Street Fitzroy, Vic flackstudi­

Project team — David Flack

Photograph­y — Anson Smart

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