Coco & Lola boutique by Esoteriko


◤ Designed by Esoteriko, a new retail concept for Coco & Lola fashion boutique in the beachside Sydney suburb of Manly aims to reflect the already establishe­d brand’s look and feel, with a fresh perspectiv­e rooted in context.

Materials played a big part in the design both as a textural backdrop and as significan­t “insertions.” Esoteriko’s intent was to maximize, soften and highlight the industrial shell of the building, using the scale to its fullest while imbuing the space with the brand’s “pink-ness.” It was important that the design connected to its coastal locale. The space is light-filled and casual, with pink sand filling the shopfront, and sandstone boulders fused throughout as propping and joinery elements. Photograph­y — Dave Wheeler Esoteriko —

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