Australian Geographic : 2019-01-03

Your Say : 13 : 13

Your Say

FREE Sign up to the Australian Geographic email newsletter on our homepage and we’ll deliver fresh content to your inbox every week! In November, we reported on Australia’s jacaranda season and asked if the spectacular purple tree is a pest or icon. ALLISON EVERSON DAWN MICKELO GAIL PODBERSCEK AIMEE CLARK PATRICIA COWAN January . February 13 They’re pests. You can plant a native that is just as showy and colourful and is useful to native animals. [email protected] They’re icons. It’s the humans that are pests. If they were so much of a ‘pest’, they’d have overwhelmed the bushland by now. I just don’t see how they’re as much of a problem as camphor laurels, mock orange or pepper trees, for example. Beautiful, of course, but they’re technically a weed and a pest in some circumstances, affecting our native flora and fauna. As long as they are not in national forest or national parks, they look amazing in spring.

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