Australian Muscle Car : 2020-05-21

Bck In The Day : 79 : 79

Bck In The Day

Australia’s Tremec Specialist­s Tremec T56 Magnum and Tremec TKO Gearboxes High Performanc­e 5 or 6 Speed for your classic or current ride. Transmissi­ons built to your exact specificat­ions. We also stock: Ultimate Street Shifter. Short-Throw Shifters which are arguably the best on the market. MWA Hydraulic Bearing Designed to fit virtually any Manual transmissi­on. Developed in-house and proudly 100% Australian made For more info visit: www.malwoodaut­ • Phone: (07) 4661 3548 • Email: A Photograph­ic History of Australian Motor Racing from the 1950’s to the Present Day Ph: 0407 869 680 7/4/18 1:21 PM MalWood_AMC103_.indd