Harmony With Irony


Clay and paper could not be less alike in terms of material characteri­stics, yet Studio Bouroullec took inspiratio­n from one to work with the other. The delicate art of paper découpage (adhereing small, colourful paper cutouts to make an image) inspired a whimsical cut-andpaste strategy that Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec applied to clay. The result? A collection of prototype vases for Vitra that celebrates handcrafti­ng and an intuitive approach to design. “The regularity of the cylinder is combined with the naivety of the clay slabs,” say the designers. “The clay matter comes to life. A new harmony emerges from contrasts.” A selection of the Vases Découpage will be developed for serial production by Vitra. Photo: Studio Bouroullec.

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