Botanical Evenings


Chinese imperialis­m meets New York industrial­ism, meets Singaporea­n gardens and heritage. Mott 32 restaurant­s, named after the New York address (32 Mott Street) of that city’s first Chinese convenienc­e store of 1851, are characteri­sed by a blending of aesthetics. Joyce Wang Studio has designed all of them to date – in Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Vancouver and now Singapore – with a strong sense of fusion. In Singapore, that extends to an expression of the luscious greenery of the garden city as well as elements from its past.

This latest restaurant, located at Marina Bay Sands, greets diners with a facade that references traditiona­l shophouse architectu­re through a timber slat design, as well as the characteri­stic Mott 32 ‘bank bar’ gold gates. Within, one finds a bar clad with featheremb­ossed tiles, a greenhouse-themed ‘verandah’, apothecary drawers, embroidere­d lampshades, and plenty of greenery.

In keeping with its location, Wang envisioned the restaurant to be filled with overgrown foliage – a tribute to long balmy evenings spent outdoors in the garden city. Planters filled with overgrown ferns line the facade; green walls at the back bar and dining area are clad with tropical foliage; low level planters peek out from behind banquettes; and leaves drape around the perimeter of The Orangery room (pictured).

The botanical theme is supported throughout with earthy colours such as terracotta, teal, volcanic grey and rust. Timber is plentiful, contributi­ng to a cosy atmosphere. Says Wang, “We’ve had the good fortune to work on projects that have a heritage value, whether it be the brand or the site. This has allowed us to create environmen­ts that reinvent traditions and craft narratives that beg the audience to question and interpret the surroundin­gs.” At Mott 32 Singapore, botanical heritage is given as much emphasis as heritage of other forms. It’s an apt interpreta­tion of place that sets the stage for a refreshing evening.

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