Delicious Combinatio­n


As a child, did you ever stare with fascinatio­n at the way jelly in a bowl would wobble and quiver with the slightest movement? Italian designer C. Ballabio has picked up on the unusual characteri­stics of this sweet treat with his Jelly side table for Porada. The cast glass tabletop (green or smoked in colour) has an impressive tonal variation despite being just 15 millimetre­s thick, thanks to a mottled effect that references the wobbling of its namesake. It is held aloft by a central pole of solid canaletta walnut (natural or stained) and four slender splayed legs (brushed brass or black chromed metal) that – while perfectly sturdy – visually allude to the sense that the dense mass of ‘jelly’ above will wobble at the slightest touch. In Singapore, Porada is available from Marquis.

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