Material, Process And Fascinatin­g Beauty


Bocci’s mesmerisin­g lighting designs are not known by a word-based nomenclatu­re. Rather, every alluring product takes a number. Omar Arbel, the Creative Director of this process-driven Vancouver and Berlin-based design and manufactur­ing company, works in a way that is as dynamic as light itself. Through Bocci and Omar Arbel Office, or OAO, he cultivates a creative world that encompasse­s design, architectu­re, sculpture and invention.

Everything he creates – be it a light or a buliding – is given a number. Every work, after all, is part of the same creative constellat­ion of ideas, experiment­ation, material and technique. From concrete poured into fabric formwork for trumpet-shaped columns in a house, to beeswax candles shaped by shards of ice in a centrifuga­l chamber, Arbel’s output is an experiment­al odyssey that pushes the limits of expectatio­n about how materials can be used.

His portfolio of sculptural lighting designs for Bocci is fostered by his characteri­stic open-ended exploratio­ns of design and craft. His first lighting design, 14 (an articulate­d cast-glass sphere designed in 2005), quickly became a classic and is often hung in glittering gem-like clusters. Since then he has experiment­ed with layering molten glass (16), draping sheets of porcelain (21), and manipulati­ng the temperatur­e and direction of air flow into blown glass

(28, pictured).

Other lighting pieces have resulted from free-pouring aluminium (44), blowing glass into ceramic fabric vessels (73), and extruding glass through copper mesh using a vaccuum technique (76). His lighting is produced by hand in Vancouver for the Bocci catalogue as well as for custom installati­ons, several of which are in Asia.

View a selection of Arbel’s Bocci lights in Singapore at

Space Furniture. And be sure to take the time to peruse the beautiful variation in each handmade piece.

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