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These juices give you many ben­e­fits of con­sum­ing whole fruit and veg, and main­tain valu­able fi­bre that can be lost in a straight glass of juice.


• Green juices are a great source of min­er­als (es­pe­cially bone-builders: cal­cium, mag­ne­sium and phos­pho­rus).

• Or­ange juices are vi­tal for the im­mune sys­tem, pack­ing in vi­ta­min C and beta-carotene.

• Red/pur­ple juices are packed with heart-friendly plant com­pounds – likely to be rich in fo­late and potas­sium.


Juices count as a max­i­mum of 2 of your daily tar­get (re­gard­less of how much you drink), as long as you in­clude:

• At least 80g of one whole fruit or veg and at least 150ml of a dif­fer­ent va­ri­ety of 100% fruit or veg juice.

• Or, at least 80g of each of two dif­fer­ent whole fruits or veg­eta­bles.


• Drink within 2 hours of blend­ing, so the nu­tri­ents are at their peak.

• Morn­ing is the best time, as your body ab­sorbs liq­uid more eas­ily af­ter sleep.

• Use fresh fruit and veg (or frozen out of sea­son). Scrub clean – the peel and rind are rich in vi­ta­mins and fi­bre (re­move citrus rind and pips, though, as they can be bit­ter).

• By us­ing a blender to pre­pare your drinks, rather than a juicer, you will re­tain more of the healthy veg­etable fi­bres.


• Fill up on fi­bre. Add 1 Tbsp of ground lin­seeds or oat­meal.

• For more omega-3 fatty acids, add chia seeds, hemp seeds or an omega-rich oil such as Udo’s Choice.

• Max the min­er­als. Add spir­ulina pow­der for more iron or pump­kin seeds for zinc.

• Pack in protein. Add whey pow­der, hemp protein pow­der or ground nuts. Also blend in yo­ghurt, milk or cot­tage cheese.

• Add vi­ta­mins. Av­o­cado is rich in vi­ta­min E – a great cell pro­tec­tor.

Sim­ply­putallthedry in­gre­di­entsinthe blender,top­up­with liq­uid,then­blitzun­tilsmooth.

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