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• Type 1 is an auto-im­mune con­di­tion caused by a com­bi­na­tion of ge­net­ics and un­known fac­tors. It ac­counts for 10 per cent of all di­a­betes, and oc­curs when the body’s im­mune sys­tem de­stroys the cells in the pan­creas that pro­duce in­sulin, the hor­mone that’s vi­tal for con­vert­ing glu­cose into en­ergy. Peo­ple liv­ing with type 1 di­a­betes need to use in­sulin to re­duce the level of glu­cose cir­cu­lat­ing in their blood.

• Type 2 is caused by a com­bi­na­tion of ge­net­ics and lifestyle fac­tors. It ac­counts for 85-90 per cent of all di­a­betes, and is a pro­gres­sive con­di­tion where the body be­comes re­sis­tant to the nor­mal ef­fects of in­sulin, or where the pan­creas slowly loses its abil­ity to pro­duce enough of the hor­mone – both of which leave too much glu­cose in the blood. Lifestyle mod­i­fi­ca­tions or med­i­ca­tion (and some­times both) are used to man­age type 2 di­a­betes.

Los­ing just 5% of your body weight can have a pos­i­tive im­pact.

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