“Bone health peaks in your 20s. There’s not much I can do now.”

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IN FACT: While bones do reach peak den­sity in our 20s, and bone loss does tend to oc­cur nat­u­rally from mid­dle age, as well as con­sum­ing enough cal­cium, there are sim­ple things you can do for bone health. Re­search shows do­ing jumps daily im­proves hip bone den­sity in as lit­tle as four months in 50 year olds. Eat­ing prunes daily might help, too, by sup­press­ing ‘bone re­sorp­tion’, where the break­down of bone ex­ceeds the rate of new bone growth as we age.

TO MAKE IT WORK: From a stand­ing start, do 10 straight-up-and-down jumps in the morn­ing and an­other 10 at night, wait­ing 30 sec­onds be­tween jumps. And eat five prunes a day. Prunes have a rel­a­tively low glycemic in­dex, but be sure to keep an eye on how they af­fect your BGLs. ➤

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