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Could Arturia’s KeyStep Pro MIDI keyboard be your new studio hub?


Arturia have announced the latest addition to their controller range, the KeyStep Pro – a 37-key MIDI keyboard equipped with a multitrack sequencer and plenty of I/O options.

As its name suggests, this new controller combines elements of Arturia’s existing KeyStep and BeatStep Pro devices. Much like the latter of those, the KeyStep Pro is designed for use with both hardware and software, combining MIDI, USB and analogue CV/gate outputs, allowing for connection to hardware instrument­s, modular systems and plugins/DAWs simultaneo­usly.

The 37-note keyboard is equipped with both velocity sensitivit­y and aftertouch. There are pitch and mod touchstrip­s placed to the left of the keyboard for extra expression, plus a sustain pedal input on the rear. Neverthele­ss, this could be more than just a straight-up controller; there are four polyphonic sequencer tracks onboard, allowing the KeyStep Pro to take control of multiple instrument­s at the same time.

Each sequencer track can capture patterns of up to 64 steps. The onboard memory allows for 16 patterns to be saved to each of these tracks, which can then be chained together to create extended arrangemen­ts. Each track allows for a polyphony of up to 16 notes per-step. What’s more, Track 1 can act as an integrated 16-part drum sequencer. The KeyStep Pro uses a system of Projects too, which allow full setups to be saved and recalled with ease.

To make the most of these capabiliti­es, the KeyStep Pro has a host of connectivi­ty options along its rear panel. There are two MIDI outputs, plus a MIDI In, which are joined by a USB MIDI port for the purposes of sequencing and controllin­g virtual instrument­s.

On the analogue side of things, the KeyStep Pro offers pitch, velocity/ mod and gate outputs for each of its four tracks. There are also eight individual drum gate outputs, plus analogue clock in, out and reset out ports. Finally, there’s a metronome output with its own level control. The KeyStep Pro is due to arrive this spring, priced at $399/399 euros.

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