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Bring your studio setup to life with Steinberg’s AXR4 interface


With their flagship AXR4, Steinberg have raised the bar for what we can expect from modern audio interfaces. Combining profession­al audio quality, a ton of flexibilit­y and innovative DSP tools, the AXR4 is the ideal tool for pro studios, solo producers and recording musicians alike.

The AXR4 is a 28/24 interface, available in Thunderbol­t 2 or USB 3.0 models, with 12 physical inputs, four of which are front panel Neutrik combo inputs boasting Rupert Neve Designs-powered SILK preamps. Combined with the eight TRS inputs on the rear, plus eight TRS outputs, there’s plenty of I/O to handle all your recording needs, whether that involves synths and drum machines, recording a band or applying external processing to your favourite plugins. If more is needed though, the interface can be expanded via two pairs of ADAT I/O, doubling as S/PDIF for 16 additional channels of connectivi­ty; the second also handling AES/SBU Sub-D.

On the recording front, the AXR4 is capable of 32-bit integer resolution and up to 384 kHz recording and playback. This pairs perfectly with Steinberg’s own DAW Cubase, which is capable of taking advantage of those 32-bit integer capabiliti­es. Cubase users also benefit from auto setup, with all I/O settings handled directly in the DAW. For all users, latency-free monitoring and jitter reducing SSPLL tech mean you can really trust the AXR4 in the studio.

The real highlights of the AXR4 come from its innovative mixing, monitoring and recording tools. Front and centre of these are the interface’s Rupert Neve Designs SILK preamps, which feature precisely-modeled emulations of the SILK processors found in Neve’s top-end analogue designs. These let musicians adjust the character of their recordings with the flip of a switch – switch between ‘red’ for sparkling energy and ‘blue’ for solidity.

Users also benefit from DSP-powered effects that make use of Yamaha’s next-generation DSPX chip. This gives producers all the tools they need to turn their recordings into profession­al quality tracks, including the Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip, REV-X reverb and the Vintage Classics VCM Compressor 276 and VCM EQ601.

The dspMixFX AXR app makes setup and control of the interface’s digital mixer and effect a breeze too. Take full control of your I/O routings, monitoring setup and under-the-hood settings with the console-style Mixer, the Matrix Mixer and keep an eye on your levels with the handy meters. It all helps the AXR4 slot seamlessly into the workflow of any major DAW.

Everything about the Steinberg AXR4 is designed to enhance your creativity and help you get more out of your studio. Whether you’re creating music alone, recording others or working on an epic mixdown, the AXR4 has everything you need to unleash your potential.

Find out more at steinberg.net

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