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Create a multipart sample instrument with Pigments 2

Work with different source audio to build complex, keyboard-mapped, sample-based synths


01 >

Create a new track and set Pigments as the instrument. Open up the UI and activate Engine 1 only, setting the source type as ‘Sample’. Notice at this point that a default sample has been loaded into slot A (there are six slots, named A-F). We won’t do much of it here but you can still apply the granular settings to your samples, for more complexity and creative possibilit­ies.

02 >

Head to slot B, found under the sample waveform viewer and open either a sample of your own or another preset. The aim here is to create easy sounds to play across the keyboard. You could keep this simple, as a standard keyboard split with a piano under one hand and strings under another. Only the selected sample plays; the default settings mean that playback effects pitch and speed.

03 >

With your chosen samples loaded, head to the Map section (top right of the waveform window) where you’ll find six different mapping options. We want Key Map, though there is definitely some fun to be had with the others. Select sample A and use the sample map to scroll to the left of your keyboard, which assigns your first two octaves to that sample’s playback.

04 >

Now highlight sample B and, in the sample map, drag the scroll to the right, so that the slap bass sample is assigned to the upper two octaves. Now when you play a few notes you should find that your left hand plays the beat sample, while your right plays the bass.

05 >

You may notice that a single key press will play the sample just once. For some uses that’s fine. You could just press the key again – but there’s a better way… Between the Main and Map buttons is an Edit button. Click that and you’ll see the Loop button. Use that and your sample continues for as long as you hold it.


All that’s left now is to experiment! Something like this would be really good for is a playable soundscape. Pigments2 ships with an extensive sample library, including some foley samples. This mapping technique would be great for creating a playable environmen­t setup, with an octave set to be rain, another to be traffic noise, one for wind and so on. So explore the possibilit­ies!

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