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The duo at Wren Estate are passionate about making the best small-batch wines we can. We hand-pick, ferment and age each of our small blocks separately to allow the character of each batch to shine. We use small, traditiona­l open fermenters lined with beeswax and foot treading to get the best from the grapes.

Finally opening our cellar door has been a highlight, as was the quality of the 2021 vintage – we have some stunning wines in barrel from this exceptiona­l vintage. We are now rolling out the 2019 vintage, which looks fantastic, and we have released a few new highlight wines, including the Syrahphim Syrah, Hen’s Teeth Reserve Marsanne and SRM (shiraz/roussanne/ marsanne).

We have expanded our range with spring and summer in mind. These 2019 wines include lighter/brighter styles, including the MMS (malbec/merlot/shiraz), designed to be enjoyed slightly chilled. These wines are perfect for warm weather and are versatile food pairings.

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