There’s no single magic bullet for getting skin to look fresh and fabulous, but there are plenty of tips and tricks for achieving naturally radiant skin.


There are plenty of tips and tricks for achieving naturally glowing skin.

Glowing skin is skin that is hydrated and soft, with a blemish-free, even complexion and small pores. It takes a three-pronged approach: good health, proper skincare and the right cosmetics.

No doubt you’ve heard the good health drill a million times: plenty of water, fresh food, good quality sleep, exercise and stress management. If your skin is really needing a boost, you may want to look at supplement­s like probiotics to improve your intestinal flora, zinc if you have inflammato­ry skin conditions like acne, and a B Complex if you are going through a stressful time.

Of course, a good skincare routine is a must to achieve healthy glowing skin, with regular use of a cleanser, exfoliator, serum, sunscreen and moisturise­r that suits your skin type. With makeup, the key to getting a natural glow is to keep it light. If you need to minimise pores, a primer worn under makeup will not only help your makeup stay on longer, but it also creates a smoother surface for your foundation to cover, which can decrease the appearance of your pores. Look for a primer that contains silicone, which smooths onto skin easily and is especially great at creating a flawless complexion.

Next, a light dab of concealer can hide any blemishes. Skip heavy foundation, which can mask your skin’s natural radiance, and instead apply a tinted moisturise­r or BB cream. Brush an illuminati­ng bronzer (one a shade darker than your skin colour) along the high points of cheek. You can also use the bronzer over your nose, forehead and chin to top off your fresh, healthy look.

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