About one-third (35 per cent) of the 2000 people in 16 countries who took a new drug for treating obesity lost more than one-fifth of their total body weight, according to a major study by the University College London. The drug, semaglutid­e, works by hijacking the brain’s appetite regulating system, leading to reduced hunger and calorie intake. Rachel Batterham, Professor of Obesity, Diabetes and Endocrinol­ogy, who led the research says, “The findings of this study represent a major breakthrou­gh for improving the health of people with obesity. Three quarters of people who received semaglutid­e 2.4mg lost more than 10 per cent of their body weight and more than one-third lost more than 20 per cent. No other drug has come close to producing this level of weight loss: this really is a game changer.”

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