Founder of PUMP Haircare

What makes PUMP Haircare unique to the Australian market?

We solve the difficult challenge of getting the right balance between natural ingredient­s and products that achieve the result that women want.

What’s one product you would like everyone to try and why?

The Mermaid Lengths Spray. This is designed to help support healthy hair growth and reduce split ends. It is packed with biotin, Co2 Kiwi Seed Extract, Ashwagandh­a powder, which fights free radicals that are often responsibl­e for dandruff and sebum build-up causing slower hair growth, and my favourite ingredient, hyaluronic acid, which is like fertiliser for the hair. Mermaid Lengths Spray can be used on any hair type, and it is one of my top sellers worldwide.

What is the Curly Girl Method, and how do PUMP products support the process?

The Curly Girl Method is a haircare routine that trades in damaging habits for a healthy curly hair regimen. This is designed to retrain your curls, reduce frizz and embrace your natural hair.

What to avoid: Shampooing more than once a week, heat-styling tools, sulphates (namely sodium lauryl sulphate and ammonium laureth sulphate), non-water soluble silicones and drying alcohol.

What to use: Gentle cleansing ingredient­s: cocamidopr­opyl betaine and decyl polyglucos­e. Emollients: shea butter, olive and vegetable oils. Proteins: wheat, wheat germ or soy. Humectants: panthenol, vegetable glycerine, sorbitol. Moisturise­rs: amino acids and aloe vera. Styling gel ingredient­s: PVP and PVP/VA.

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