Suitable for all skin types, Synergie Skin’s new advanced express medimask Synergie Skin TriDration B offers on-the-go results to leave parched skin plump, dewy and hydrated from within in just five minutes. TriDration B hydrates the skin by combining humectants (water magnets), water balancers, and dermally active hyaluronic acid stimulator­s for instant plumping and firming. The hero ingredient in the mask is Vitamin B3 (niacinamid­e), which boosts the production of the skin’s natural protective oils to fortify the barrier, promote hydration and leave the skin repaired and dewy. Terri Vinson, Australian skin scientist, founder and formulator of Synergie Skin, says: “I created TriDration B when I saw a need for an advanced medi-mask that could deliver maximum hydration and restorativ­e results, quickly. My formula is brimming with water-loving humectants, hyaluronic acid stimulator­s and antioxidan­ts for the ultimate express hydration boost.”

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