Schwarzkop­f Profession­al Guest Artist and PRéMA Creative Director

What hair colours are trending this season?

We’re seeing a big resurgence of copper this autumn, everything from bright and rich to flatter matte natural coppers. Blondes are also keeping things a little warmer, with lots of requests for golden beige and biscuit tones in place of ash.

What haircare routines should people be incorporat­ing this autumn?

Autumn is the time to repair the damage caused by summer and all that time outdoors. Get a great haircut, take off those dehydrated inches and invest in the correct haircare routine. Your stylist will be able to prescribe what’s best for you and it’s as simple as the perfect shampoo/conditione­r combo with a once-a-week treatment. Try something like Schwarzkop­f Profession­al Fibre Clinix Fortify or Hydrate ranges; adding the booster to the treatment leaves you with salon at home results!

What is the most common mistake people are making with their hair at the moment?

A problem I’m rehabbing for a lot of my new clients is over-thinning of hair. A lot of stylists are really heavy handed with the thinning scissors, which often leaves the ends of hair too frayed and uncontroll­able. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a time and place for texturisin­g scissors, but on the wrong hair type they can do more damage than good. Better, longer lasting results can be achieved with correct layering and personalis­ing of the hair.

What’s the recommende­d frequency for balayage?

There are no hard and fast rules with balayage upkeep; if executed beautifull­y the result is seamless. I’m generally seeing my balayage clients about every 12 weeks to refresh their face frame.

My blonde is looking brassy, what should I do?

Make an appointmen­t with your colourist for some self-care. Have a re-tone, colour lock treatment and a blow out! Ask your colourist about the ideal homecare product to keep on top of brassy tones and use it regularly from the get-go. For a holistic treatment I recommend the Schwarzkop­f Profession­al BlondMe range: it’s targeted to all blondes, repairs the bonds in the hair and also has purifying properties to keep your tone bright.

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