Boks Bacon is an artisanal producer of award-winning bacon, sausages and hams, based in Tasmania. It has recently added Pure Bacon to its offering: a nitrite, sugar-free and gluten-free bacon that is deliciousl­y flavourful. Instead of nitrites, Boks uses fruit and spice extract to substitute for preservati­ves, and uses no honey or sugar to cure the bacon. As with Boks Bacon, the product is dry cured and cold smoked, as part of a time-honoured process in a traditiona­l wood fire smoker, with beautiful Tasmanian Oak. Pure Bacon has a long shelf life (60 days from date of production) as a result of this process, which is similar to that used for prosciutto. It has a much higher protein level per gram, as opposed to other bacons that are injected with 30 to 50 per cent water/brine.

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