Aim to repair the damage of the summer months and reveal fresh new skin with the latest skincare treatments. These products will target cell renewal, as well as those patchy brown areas of pigmentati­on that can become more pronounced after sun exposure. Elizabeth Arden Visible Brightenin­g CicaGlow Concentrat­e is a bi-phase formula. It includes a green top phase infused with natural nourishing oils to comfort the skin’s barrier, while the pink bottom phase contains a gentle formula to encourage natural exfoliatio­n. Shake to combine the two layers together before applying a few drops to your skin for a skin-nourishing dose of niacinamid­e, vitamin C, angelica root, Persian silk tree and soothing centella asiatica.

Claiming to begin to budge dark spots in just days, Dermalogic­a Power Bright Dark Spot Serum also calls on niacinamid­e (Vitamin B) to help fade the patchy spots. The daily serum uses shiitake mushroom – rich in beta-glucans – to brighten skin, while adaptogeni­c ashwagandh­a herb smoothes and delivers antioxidan­t benefits.

A powerful overnight, at-home peel with 10 per cent encapsulat­ed glycolic acid that is slowly delivered into the skin overnight, Medik8 Sleep Glycolic is the heavy lifter of the bunch. It offers fast resurfacin­g results with a time-release formula that delivers the active ingredient while you sleep. Designed for occasional use when skin needs a pick-me-up, its glycolic acid (an AHA) is paired with glycerin and Korean clover extract in order to minimise any potential drying or irritating effect that strong, daily-use acids can have.

Estée Lauder’s Perfection­ist Pro Rapid Brightenin­g Treatment with Ferment² + Vitamin C is a daily serum solution that hones in on dark spots and post-acne marks while also boosting hydration and smoothing texture.

Notoriousl­y hard to formulate together, StriVectin’s Multi-Action Super C Retinol Brighten & Correct Vitamin C Serum combines two of the most effective skincare ingredient­s (vitamin C and retinol). The stabilised vitamin C and acerola cherry extract restores clarity and brightens dull, tired skin, as retinol smooths rough texture and fine lines.

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