The brand uses naturopath­ic principles to create nourishing, non-toxic skincare, while also caring about Mother Earth.

What is the philosophy behind Clémence Organics? How did your work as a qualified naturopath lead you to develop the brand?

As a degree-qualified naturopath, I have always been passionate about natural but effective ways to help people improve their health. I started my career in complement­ary medicine research, before running a naturopath­ic clinic, where I used nutrition, supplement­s, herbal medicine and lifestyle changes to remedy people’s health issues. In my clinic, I started noticing that many of my clients had skincare concerns. For some it was ageing skin; for others, sensitivit­y, acne, eczema or rosacea. I, too, had skin challenges, having experience­d acne in my teens, scarring in my twenties and signs of ageing in my thirties. However, my clients and I were faced with a lack of skincare products that were gentle and made from natural, organic ingredient­s but still able to deliver powerful results and the luxurious experience of convention­al high-end skincare.

I started off experiment­ing with blends and noticed a real change in my skin. As word of mouth grew, clients came to me requesting individual­ised skincare formulatio­ns. A trip to southern France in 2015 cemented my resolve. I visited several well-known natural skincare companies, and realised that I offered something unique for those with an appreciati­on for luxury, authentic organic skincare, that truly alleviated their skincare concerns. The product of over a decade of knowledge and experience, Clémence Organics isn’t about marketing hype or ingredient­s that claim to improve your skin but instead bombard it with harmful chemicals. It’s about using naturopath­ic principles to create nourishing, non-toxic skincare, plus a commitment to the planet’s health, through recyclable packaging and ingredient­s which are not harmful to the environmen­t. On a personal note, I lost both my father and sister to cancer in the period from 2009 to 2016. Their stories fortified in me a passion for nurturing health and reducing cancer risk wherever possible.

The role that skincare plays in health may seem small and insignific­ant for some, but when the body absorbs about 80 per cent of what we put on it, I don’t feel we can take it too lightly. I know for me, having full confidence in what I put on my skin (and therefore in my body) makes me feel that I have at least taken control of that aspect of my health.

What makes Clémence Organics unique?

I pride myself in creating products that not only address beauty, but also consider the effect that skincare has on health and the environmen­t. I have formulated the products using 100 per cent natural and certified organic ingredient­s. My education and experience as a naturopath has led to formulatio­ns based on a combinatio­n of traditiona­l use (history) and research (clinical studies).

Sustainabi­lity is a core value at Clémence Organics and so ingredient­s are never ‘faddish’ – nor are they on any threatened or endangered species lists – but rather plants which have been used effectivel­y for skincare for centuries. Stunningly packaged, we chose to encase our products in clean, easy-to-recycle containers, minimising our impact on the environmen­t.

What’s one product you would like everyone to try and why?

Our Ultimate Face Crème. It’s one of the first products I developed and has always been our bestseller. It turns dull, dry skin into plump, hydrated glowing skin overnight. Customers say it’s like a facial in a jar.

Finally, what is your skincare advice for the cooler months?

It’s all about hydration. Firstly, don’t strip your skin with a harsh cleanser. Choose a gentle cream cleanser instead (our Refining Cleanser comes highly recommende­d). Secondly, layer your skincare products. For daytime, I recommend our Ultimate Biome Spritz, followed by our Repair Face Serum and our Protect + Clarify Daily Face Lotion. Lastly, don’t go to bed without applying a rich night cream (our Ultimate Face Crème is the best).


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