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- Michael McHugh Editor-in-Chief michael@mindfood.com Instagram@mindfoodmi­ke

There is always an element of surprise when I read the final copy of the talented line-up of innovators in our annual Innovation Issue (see page 24) that makes me wonder when that actual moment was that they decided to go against the tide and put into plan their new idea and thinking. This year’s group is no exception. They have seen a potential opportunit­y or perhaps have experience­d something in their own lives that has switched a light bulb on and made them react.

How often in life do you see something, or feel something – but don’t act on it? Have you had an idea but never made it happen? Or is it you’re not quite sure how to make it happen? Of course there is always the path of doing nothing. Some of us like to just talk about it – but never get around to actually making it happen. So, how do we turn procrastin­ation into action?

Learning about our innovators and the steps they took to turn their dream into reality is fascinatin­g. One thing I have learnt is that with any big decision to be made, I often need thinking time to mull things over. Not just the pros and cons of a situation, whatever they may be, but to take time to come to the realisatio­n and to feel comfortabl­e with my final decision.

So often, particular­ly when everyone seems to want to have answers and solutions at breakneck speed, there is something to be said for taking your time and coming to a solution at your own pace. I don’t see this as procrastin­ation but more letting something percolate away to feel comfortabl­e with the end result. I have learnt over time that those rushed decisions never end well. Of course the other ingredient in making a plan is patience. Something I don’t seem to have a lot of at times, and yet when I do, the outcome always seems just that little better.

Our cover this month is a case in point. We have had the ‘Downton Abbey’ cover marked in our MiNDFOOD planning for months and months, ever since we heard there was a second movie announced. However, our deadlines and timing were very different to what actually transpired. Due to unforeseen circumstan­ces, the release of the movie was moved back, which meant rescheduli­ng our cover feature. We interviewe­d a range of cast and crew members throughout this past month, until the very last actor’s interview landed the day of sending this issue to the printer.

Was I nervous? Yes. However, everything fell into place and all the interviews we wanted finally eventuated, as you can see on page 16.

I had worried, with lots of late night emails, phone calls and explaining to nervous staff back at MiNDFOOD HQ, that the words and pictures were delayed. It was our Managing Editor Donna Duggan, who has been with MiNDFOOD since launch, who said in a staff meeting two days out from sending the issue to the printer: “Well we always go to print with a cover, we haven’t missed one yet.” Indeed.

It’s strange how this small statement calmed me down. And now I read the feature that had so many involved bringing it to fruition with wonderful behind-the-scenes stories from cast and crew that make it all worthwhile. Phew, we did it!

In this month’s issue, we also feature images from Ukraine and tell the stories of those behind the pictures we’ve seen over the past weeks across our screens, during this appalling maltreatme­nt of human life. Online we have been updating our readers daily and have also included frequently asked questions about the war and why Russia invaded Ukraine, as we all try to comprehend why this is happening.

Our heartfelt hopes and thoughts are with all those affected by this horrific time in the world.


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